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Beware The Tobacco Bullies

Tobacco giants, who always put profit ahead of lives and health, are invoking investor-state dispute mechanisms in bilateral ftainvestment agreements to challenge moves of governments which are aimed at controlling the widespread use of tobacco products. This scary development highlights the dangers of signing trade or investment treaties which could give corporations the right to sue governments over legitimate health or other public interest regulations.

China’s Smoking Problem

One state agency tries to get people to quit while another tries to get them to smokechina smokers

Kentucky and Tobacco: It’s Complicated

Today, the 64-year-old Union resident raises about 4 acres of tobacco a year, one of a dwindling number of small tobacco farmers in Northern Kentucky and TobaccoKentucky. Concerns about cancer and other health problems related to tobacco have caused demand for the crop to wither in the last decade.

New York gets mixed grades on tobacco control

ALBANY — New York received failing grades from the American Lung Association Thursday for the amount of money it spends on New Yorktobacco prevention and health care coverage for cessation, but it earned A’s for its smoking laws and cigarette tax.

Electronic Cigarettes on Planes

Cigarettes on planes? Blu Cigs, maker of electronic cigarettes that offer the taste but not the tobacco found in a regular cigarette, smoking e- cigarettes on planeis partnering with a charter jet firm to provide free samples to passengers. The airline says it’s a customer-service issue, helping passengers who may be white-knuckle fliers as well as heavy chain smokers.

Five States to Increase Cigarette Taxes on July 1

Washington, D.C. - To reduce smoking and combat budget deficits, five states will implement cigarette tax increases on July 1.

New Ordinance Target Cigarettes Marketing

Many years ago Joe Camel was drove away from the public eyesight because he was seen as a way to captivate the attention of cigarette-store.biz/online/camelpeople especially of minors. Because of Joe Camel most of them started smoking habit.

Having to Comply with Law, Tobacconists Get Use of Colors

According to several public health organizations, the claims of cigarette companies regarding their willingness to obey the new regulations in marketing low-tar cigarettes are controversial, as they would literary complain but still, conceal the truth.

Gregoire proposes new taxes on soda, water, candy

OLYMPIA — Saying she’s shown the Legislature “the way to go home,” Gov. Chris Gregoire on Wednesday proposed raising $605 million through new taxes and by ending existing tax exemptions and credits.