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Could e-cigarettes be banned from luggage on planes?


Big tobacco to take Australia packaging fight to higher court


State launches crackdown on reservation cigarettes

ALBANY — The state has begun a crackdown on tax-free sales of cigarettes by American Indian retailers, including seizure of thousands of tobacco products in recent weeks and secret surveillance of reservation smoke shops, officials of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s administration Wednesday told The Buffalo News.

Higher cigarette taxes don’t deter all smokers

Montreal, — Raising taxes on cigarettes, a public health measure used by governments to encourage people to quit, doesn’t motivate all smokers to stop the deadly habit.

US cities that ban smoking in public parks

New York City lawmakers voted Feb. 2 to ban smoking outdoors in public parks, public beaches, and even Times Square. The Big smoking in public parksApple is the latest major US city to prohibit smoking in parks and other public spaces, adopting laws that are tougher than its home state’s. Such laws are a boon to public health and reduce litter in urban parks, say supporters. Critics say they are yet another instance of “big government” encroachment on personal freedoms and are almost impossible to enforce.

40 states fail in tobacco prevention

cigarettes smokeA new report card gives the U.S. government relatively high marks for advances in treating people with tobacco-related illnesses, but gives low or failing grades to most states as their anti-smoking programs falter.

Difficulties of Tobacco Control

NANCHANG, - Local legislators in an east China city have watered down a smoking ban previously touted as China’s toughest, China smokersreflecting the tremendous challenges tobacco control efforts face in China, the country with the largest number of smokers.

U.S. Ban on Menthol Cigarettes

Menthol cigarettes are coming under fire this morning from researchers who say these products should be banned.Menthol cigarettes

New Indonesian Tobacco Regulation

Jakarta. As soon as she sat down for the intragovernmental meeting at the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in late February, Lisda Indonesian CigarettesSundari, an office manager for the National Commission for Child Protection, felt that something strange was in the air.