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Smoking rates remain steady in LA County

Even as more cities and counties join the fight against tobacco, the number of smokers in Los Angeles County has remained steadycigarettes smokers since 2002, according to a new study. Read the report.

British oil company obligation to Florida

No one believes the $75 million that British oil company BP has offered Florida so far will come close to paying for the devastation caused by the oil British oil company BPcompany’s spill in the Gulf.

Minnesota smoking ban still divisive after five years

MINNEAPOLIS - There are just a few weeks left before Milwaukee bars go smoke-free, but residents of the Twin Cities haven’t been able to take a drag inside a bar for the last five years.

U.S. gene study reveals toll of heavy smoking

Heavy smokers who get lung cancer may have tens of thousands of genetic mutations, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday.

Big Tobacco and the Historians

Last summer Robert Proctor, a Stanford professor who studies the history of tobacco, was surprised to receive court papers accusing him of witness tampering and witness intimidation, along with a subpoena for his unfinished book manuscript. Then in January he got another subpoena, this one for three years of e-mails with a colleague, and also for his computer hard drive. Attorneys for R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris USA are trying to get him barred from testifying in a Florida court as an expert witness on behalf of a smoker with cancer who is suing the companies.

Green tea reduced the risk of lung cancer in smokers

Green Tea May Lower Lung Cancer Risk

Benefits seen for smokers, nonsmokers, those with certain genetic makeup

For businesses, new smoking ban leaves many questions

Even as Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed a smoking ban into law, local bar owners continue to seek answers on what exactly the new regulations mean for their businesses.

Curbing Mom’s Smoking, Childhood Lead Exposure May Be Key to Preventing ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder takes a huge toll on children, with about 9 percent of kids ages 8 to 15 displaying Childhooddiagnosable symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior that can make schoolwork an ordeal and friendships trying. Maternal smoking and lead exposure in early childhood might be behind nearly 40 percent of ADHD cases, according to new research. If that turns out to be true, it may be possible to prevent many cases of ADHD and reduce the huge social, financial, and personal toll of the disorder.

Film battles policies of industrial food giants

When the phrase “food fight” leaves the lips of the hero of a children’s movie, it always comes with a few exclamation points and waste — lots of lobbed mashed potatoes, smashed tomatoes and flying slices of pizza.