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Stricter indicators on tobacco products

The Union Health Department’s notification which stipulates clear display of warning signs on tobacco products came into force on Saturday. The notification, issued on May 27, calls for separate warnings for smoking and non-smoking tobacco products.

Tobacco giant launches plain packaging challenge

British American Tobacco has launched its promised constitutional challenge in the High Court against the Federal Government’s plain packaging laws for cigarettes.

Seneca Nation’s New Chief Seeks To ‘Change Course’

Earlier this month, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he’s “actively” considering legalizing gambling in the state to raise revenue.

Study Says Internet is Like Cigarettes

A study which challenged adults to go without the Internet for one day shows that 53 percent felt “upset” when they couldn’t internetaccess the Internet for a period of time. A small UK behavioral research firm, Intersperience, conducted a study on how humans deal with the absence of the “I” word, and found that without the Internet, 40 percent of participants felt “lonely.”

Anti-smoking lawmakers clashed with Oregon’s tobacco lobbyist

SALEM — Anti-smoking lawmakers clashed with Oregon’s top tobacco lobbyist Thursday over proposals to raise cigarette taxes by as much as $2 a pack.

Lawmakers Pitch New Casino Smoking Change

SPRINGFIELD – If Illinois lawmakers don’t roll-back the state’s smoking ban for casinos, they may just allow the riverboats to build tobacco in Casinospecial smoking sections.

Debate at Hearing on Smoking Ban in NY Parks

A New York City Council public hearing on a proposed smoking ban in city parks evolved into an hours-long, occasionally raucous Enjoying a smoke in NY City Hall Parkshowdown Thursday afternoon, touching on issues such as civil liberties, public health, big government and litter.

Smoking ruling to be on Wed

With only hours before a statewide smoking prohibition is to go into effect Thursday, a Shawnee County District Court judge will issue a ruling today on whether to block the ban in nightspots.

Is the ban on smoking in public still in place?

Between May 1st 2008 and June 1st of the same year, the federal capital territory authority embarked on what some termed an energetic mass oriented campaign, aimed at educating the residents on the ills of smoking and its attendant effects on the society. It was to serve as a precursor to the eventual ban on smoking in public places, a move which expectedly heralded its own unique brand of controversy. While many Abuja residents welcomed the move as timely, not a few others viewed it as a direct attack on their rights and privileges as residents of the capital city.