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Tobago - For hand rolling lovers

- T O B A G O -
A pack that contains tobacco, cigarette paper and filters. For lovers of hand rolling.Un pacchetto che contiene tabacco, cartine e filtri. Per gli amanti del hand rolling.

Tobacco-flavored chocolates part of the brave new world of sweets

Like dedicated oenophiles, chocolate lovers are making an elite sport of the latest ingredient to go haute cuisine, with chocolate tobacco chocolatestastings and food pairings creating a league of passionate experts.

Combine tobacco tax hike with effort to get rid of low-cost cigarettes

Missouri hospital executives who lost a long-simmering lawsuit against tobacco companies last month shouldn’t fret over the potential loss of more than $455 million in civil damages.

Key actions on stopping the promotion of tobacco in England

Action to stop the promotion of tobacco products has been taken over many years. While the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Act 2002 prohibits tobacco advertising, the tobacco industry continues to find ways of promoting tobacco products, for example through packaging, point of sale displays and through entertainment media, including the internet. Given the substantial health risks caused by tobacco use, the Government is committed to preventing the promotion of tobacco products to both young people and adults.

Zippo company creates clothing line

BRADFORD, Pa. — Zippo lighters have retained their retro cool even as the tiny northwestern Pennsylvania company that makes themzippo clothing line gets ready to celebrate its 80th anniversary and 500 millionth lighter next year.

Kentucky burley threatened by global tobacco regulations

WASHINGTON — Kentucky’s main tobacco crop would be devastated by proposed international regulations designed to restrict the content of cigarettes, according to growers and lawmakers who are fighting the proposal.

Bulgaria has the shortest smoking ban in the world

smoking ban
Bulgarian government calls off ban on smoking in public places just 3 days after adopting it.

E-cigarettes worry anti-tobacco groups

BENNINGTON — E-mail, e-Bay, Esurance, E-Trade, and now e-cigarettes.

RJR rebuts farmworker arguments at meeting

Reynolds American Inc. and a group representing migrant farmworkers butted heads yesterday — as expected — over who’s ultimately responsible for laborers’ work and living conditions.