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State Preemption of Local Tobacco Control Policies Restricting Smoking, Advertising, and Youth Access

Preemptive state tobacco control legislation prohibits localities from enacting tobacco control laws that are more stringent than state law. State preemption provisions can preclude any type of local tobacco control policy. The three broad types of state preemption tracked by CDC include preemption of local policies that restrict:

Marin cities fare poorly in group’s tobacco control report card

Marin cities are not doing well when it comes to tobacco control policies, earning below a “D” grade on average, according to an Marin citiesAmerican Lung Association report card issued Thursday.

China has failed on tobacco control, needs major reforms

For five decades, Lao Long’s lungs have endured cigarette after cigarette—thousands of cigarettes inhaled with chemicals and China smokerscarcinogens ingested with each puff. Smoking had been a comforting and relaxing short-term pleasure for Lao, but the advent of lung cancer now has him filled with regret and struggling for his life. In Beijing’s Xuanwu Hospital, Lao stares undauntedly at the needle slowly penetrating the vein in his hand. Needles rate as a minor nuisance compared to the harrowing reality of lung cancer. Along with Lao, the surgical ward has more than 40 lung cancer patients, with the youngest just over 30, and like Lao, 90 percent have smoked for decades. The fatal disease has converted the majority to an anti-smoking stance, where their regret has brought them the resolve to finally quit. “It’s about time we understand that life is much more important than smoking,” Lao said.

Tobacco control target needed in China

BEIJING, - Guaranteeing the country’s 1.3 billion people public security and extending them a longer, healthier and happier life has China smokersalways served as a primary target in the Chinese government’s campaign to build a moderately well-off society.

Stanford researcher’s online map pinpoints cigarette factories around the world

Cigarettes are on track to kill 1 billion people by the end of the century. Anthropologist Matthew Kohrman is sharing information he hopes will bring that number down.

Entering a New Era in Tobacco Control Research

With the enactment of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act on June 22, the United States entered a new era in tobacco control and prevention. The act, which gives the FDA the authority to regulate tobacco products, means that the tobacco industry will no longer have free reign to market tobacco products to youth, promote so-called “light” cigarettes as less harmful than others, keep scientists and the public in the dark about ingredients and design features of cigarettes, and make unproven health claims for modified tobacco products. Already, the FDA has shown that it intends to act aggressively to implement the new law; on September 22, the agency announced a ban on fruit- and candy-flavored cigarettes.
Dr. Cathy Backinger