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Is tobacco control no longer a federal priority?

When he announced the Federal Tobacco Control Strategy in the spring of 2001, Allan Rock, then the health minister, called smoking the single smoking-publicmost pressing public-health issue in the country.

DOH and WHO release recommendations on tobacco control‏

MANILA, - The Department of Health (DOH) released on Thursday recommendations in addressing tobacco problems, which kill approximately 87,600 Filipinos per year and cost over P148 billion a year in economic losses due to illness and health.

Global Tobacco Control Convention Proposes to Limit Cigarette Flavor Additives

Public health officials from all around the world decided to restrict or ban flavor additives which make tobacco products more tobacco control WHOattractive to new smokers, especially to youngsters.

China Tobacco Control

China has 350 million smokers and 540 million who experience second hand smoke from tobacco use. With China as a member country of WHO FCTC (World Health Organization Framework Conven-tion on Tobacco Control) since 2006, Chinese public health authorities are “pressed” to carry more practical policies on tobacco control.

Ahead of World Expo, China acts to promote smoking controls

BEIJING, - Thirty-two-year-old Sun Ling is not a heavy smoker. But for 10 years, Sun, a civil servant in Shanghai and a father of a world expo 2010 in china5-year-old, has become used to indulging himself with one or two cigarettes after lunch at work.

Cigarette Ingredients Investigated, Again

Cigarettes have a lot of ingredients which can be carcinogenic, according to many studies. That’s why the Food and Drug Administration wants to list all the ingredients used in cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Experts criticize tobacco control system

The efficacy of China’s tobacco control system is under fire from experts who consider the industry does not take adequate supervision measures, an official of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Friday.