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Tobacco growing drives economy

TOBACCO contributes immensely to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) through exports and employment creation and it also plays a big role in improving Zimbabwean people’s livelihoods.

Innovation, pricing key to tobacco growth

RICHMOND, Va. - Raising prices and introducing new products, especially varieties of smokeless tobacco, remain key growth strategies for tobacco companies as smokers worldwide increasingly face tax hikes, smoking bans, health concerns and social stigma, research firm Euromonitor International said Tuesday.

Tobacco Growers Protest Against WHO Guidelines on Tobacco Products

Thousands of tobacco growers have united with their colleagues in 79 other countries in order to protest against the proposal of the tobacco growers protestWorld Health Organization (WHO) to prohibit the use of particular ingredients in tobacco products that is conducted at a world conference in Uruguay.

Future of tobacco sector in Kenya hangs in balance over lack of proper laws

tobacco growers  in Kenya

Tobacco growers switch to new technology

More than 80 percent of tobacco growers have switched to the float bed system ahead of the 2010 deadline, head of the Nematology Department at Kutsaga Research Station, Mr Cleopas Chinheya revealed recently.

Farmers Resist Drive to Stop Tobacco Growing

Uganda - As the harvesting season begins, West Nile farmers have positioned themselves to reap big from a cash crop that has come under severe criticism from political and civil leaders in the district.

Is it safe to grow tobacco off contract?

As tobacco growers adjust to the shock of substantial reductions in the number of pounds offered in contracts by many of the manufacturers, a number of them have wondered about the wisdom of planting enough acres to produce leaf beyond the contracted limits.
Chris Haskins of Chatham, Va., thinks this is a bad idea.