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Battle Against Smoking Goes Back Centuries

[caption id="attachment_9506" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="A 19th-century painting depicting a 1639 smoke-in by citizens of New Amsterdam against a tobacco ban. It is not clear whether the protest, described by Washington Irving in a largely satirical work, ever occurred. "]cityroom-smoking[/caption]
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has snuffed out smoking more audaciously than any of his recent predecessors, as the latest figures attest: only 14 percent of New Yorkers now smoke, the city reported Thursday, discouraged in large part by the ever-cresting wave of Bloomberg-driven taxes and bans.

A legal history of smoking in Canada

Smoking and tobacco laws in Canada have changed considerably over the last century. Here is a look at some key points in the evolution of smokingpacksmoking legislation.

Nazis wanted to use poisoned cigarettes

London - Released files from MI5 reveal that the Nazi Party tried to create poisoned cigarettes, chocolates, coffee, sausages and Naziswhisky against Allied leaders in order to win WWII. It has also been discovered that a Fourth Reich was planned following the war.
During World War Two, it was disclosed in the book “The Belarus Secret” that Nazi germ warfare scientists had experimented with poisonous ticks that would have been dropped from planes in order to spread extraordinary diseases. It never came to fruition, though.

Tobacco is Ingrained in our Culture

The history of tobacco use in our country is long and complex. Historically, tobacco played (and still plays) a sacred role among American Indian tribes, for whom the plant is a source of spiritual guidance. Within 60 years of arriving in North America, European settlers recognized the commercial viability of tobacco and were exporting it back across the Atlantic. The slave trade was built on plantation owners’ desire for cheap labor to work in their tobacco fields. Tobacco is ingrained so deeply in American history that the plant’s leaves are carved into the columns of the U.S. Capitol. By the late 19th and early 20th centuries, cigarettes were being massproduced, and tobacco companies embarked on unprecedented marketing campaigns to promote them, employing tactics like advertising on baseball trading cards. And, indeed, the tobacco industry’s greatest success in the past century has been to position smoking as an integral part of American culture, something as American as baseball. For the past 100 years, the tobacco industry has had a hand in defining the events and social changes of every era.

Three Cigars Change History

The 13th of September is a day that should remind folks that smoking is bad for your health. It was on this day in 1862 the a couple of soldiers from company F of the 27th Indiana found Gen. Lee’s Special Order No. 191 that set the stage for the bloodiest day in the Civil War.

Pub plans to make tobacco history

A 17th century pub near where Sir Walter Raleigh is rumoured to have first smoked a pipe of tobacco is to run a stop-smoking course.

Demise of Tobacco Agency Closes Chapter in History

The close of this year’s General Assembly brought an end to another chapter in Maryland’s rich tobacco-growing history.