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Five former Fine Gael assistants working for tobacco industry

At least five former Fine Gael aides are working as public relations consultant for the tobacco industry in Ireland, the UK and Brussels.
The industry has increased its lobbying not only on the issue of cigarette smuggling, but also in response to the plans by the EU and national governments to tighten controls on tobacco products.

Tobacco industry targeting poor

The first plain packaging was manufactured in Australia by Big Tobacco, new Zealand announced last month that it will be the following one, and at least India will realized plain packaging.

Tobacco smuggling in Europe are lower than industry figures show

Tobacco smuggling inEuropeare lower than the industry assume the published Tobacco Control.

The group accuses the party list of “facade” for tobacco industry

A network of anti-tobacco lawyers has asked the Commission on Elections to disqualify party list organizations accusing him of being the front group for the powerful tobacco industry.

Tobacco industry should not use farmers to fight Baryomunsi bill

The tobacco industry is using farmers as an excuse to oppose tobacco control legislation.

Beware of tobacco industry interference

On May 31 people around the world celebrate World No Tobacco Day (WNTD). This year, WHO has chosen the “tobacco industry” as its theme to emphasize the need to remain vigilant for any attempts of the tobacco industry to undermine the control of production activities, which adversely affects the tobacco drive.

Tobacco industry rides out recession with rising share prices

The financial crisis has claimed many scalps - governments, banks, dozens of con artists - but it gave an impetus to the surprise of one of the most controversial sectors in the UK, the tobacco industry.

Telecoms is no Tobacco industry; be lenient with us - Sakyi-Addo appeals to NCA

Chief Executive officer of the Telecoms Chamber Kwaku Sakyi-Addo is unhappy with threats by the Communications Minister to suspend the licenses of telecom companies which fail to pay fines imposed on them by the National Communications Authority.