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Government subsidies to the top-grossing US films that contain smoking

Governments in the UK, US and Canada are undermining tobacco prevention campaigns by subsidising top-grossing US films that contain smoking, a report by public health researchers says. The paper, published in the open access journal PLoS Medicine, argues that films with tobacco imagery should be ineligible for public funding to ensure that film subsidy programmes do not conflict with public health goals.

Australians getting fatter but living longer and smoking less

Experts formulating a report on Australia’s health related figures say that Australian men and women are living longer than ever thanks to a drop in deaths from notorious diseases and cancer, but the rising weight has left the door open to a host of new health problems. The key finding of a major study released today was that excess weight carried by one in four children and more than 60 per cent of adults was contributing to an increase in chronic diseases across the country.

Australia Seek Change to Future Fund Tobacco Stakes

The Australian Greens party, whose support helped deliver power to Prime Minister Julia Gillard, wants the investment criteria of the Australiagovernment’s Future Fund changed to prevent the holding of shares in tobacco companies.

EU Commissioner Pushes for a Smoke-Free Europe

man smoke cigarettes

Australian Cigarette Display Has US Smokers Burning

An anti-smoking art display in Sydney, Australia, financed by a pharmaceutical company has some American smokers burning mad.quit smoking

BAT Sees Signs Of Recovery as Earnings Rise

LONDON - British American Tobacco, the world’s second-biggest cigarette maker, reported signs global economies were starting to improve, as it met forecasts with a 19 percent rise in 2009 earnings on Thursday.

Fighting HIV in developing countries – with tobacco

Fighting HIV with tobacco doesn’t sound like something a doctor would normally recommend. Condoms and/or abstinence are the two standardly recommended methods of avoiding infection, but both clearly have inherent drawbacks.

Big tobacco kicked big bucks into Utah politics

Big tobacco companies contributed $67,000 to Utah office holders and their political action committees in 2009, as lawmakers wrangle over whether to nearly triple the state’s cigarette tax.

Lessons in Legislative Manipulation From the Tobacco Industry

The article in the November 14 issue of the New York Times about the extent to which the biotech firm Genetech was able to put their own words into legislators’ mouths raises the next logical question: To what extent are corporations in the U.S. actually drafting laws and getting them passed?