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Contract details in big tobacco lawsuit remain a mystery

Alberta government will not release information about its controversial contract with the Calgary law firm to sue Big Tobacco for $ 10 billion, the Minister of Justice, Jonathan Denis confirmed Tuesday. Dennis said that the legislative details publicity stand-by agreement with the International Lawyers recovery Tobacco can harm their business, giving the enemy ammunition.

Redford is furious at the conflict of interest allegations tobacco lawsuit

Premier Alison Redford angry, indignant opposition and accusations of conflict of interest, provided that the ingredients for emotional day at the Alberta legislative environment. Hostility reached its peak in the question period, when Wildrose and NDP leaders accuse Redford political patronage over the awarding of a lucrative contract with the law firm that employs her former husband.

Tobacco lawsuit gains followers

Every time there is an important development in the $30 billion against Canada’s major companies.

Concussion lawsuits are next big U.S. trial

Smokers and pro football players have something in common: they engage in risky behavior that can be potentially harmful to their health over time.
And to hear some lawyers say it, the National Football League is the equivalent of Big Tobacco.
The recent wave of lawsuits filed on behalf of retired players use similar arguments made by lawyers representing smokers who sued tobacco companies for more than 15 years ago - in this case that the National Football League knew repeated concussions can cause brain damage and even conceal information.

Firm hired for tobacco lawsuit has a connection to Redford

Tory government is faced with questions of political patronage, it became clear after Thursday, $ 10 billion lawsuit against the tobacco industry, the province is now partially controlled by Calgary, whose partners include the Prime Minister Alison Redford ex-husband.