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Tobacco marketing season preps at advanced stage

Tobacco is licensed for the 2013 tobacco selling that begins next Wednesday and have intensified prepared for the marketing season.

Roll-your-own cigarette shops popping up in region

Tom Maier smoked Winston cigarettes for 40 years.roll-you-own

China become major market for Cuban export

Winston Churchill and Fidel Castro fed the mystique, but it is Chinese smokers who could ultimately save the Cuban cigar.Cuban cigars

American Indians and Tobacco

One of the common sayings in Indian country is that when our ancestors first gave tobacco to the European invaders, they knew it American Indian Heritagewas going to kill them, they just didn’t think it would take this long.

Dissolvable Tobacco Dubbed ‘Candy’ by Oregon’s Sen. Merkley

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week opened a 60-day comment period on dissolvable tobacco products which Senator Jeff Merkley’s office has dubbed “tobacco candy.”

Agency probing menthol cigarette risk

GREENSBORO — Pierre Lorillard could hardly have imagined that the small tobacco company he started 250 years ago in New York LorillardCity would ship 36.3 billion cigarettes a year in the 21st century, 87 percent of which would be flavored with menthol.

Tobacco giant Philip Morris targets Indian tobacco industry

VERONA, N.Y. – Tobacco giant Philip Morris is funding an aggressive ad campaign against the Indian tobacco industry, urging the Philip Morris giantstate to collect taxes on cigarettes sold on Indian reservations.

Altria ’09 Cigarette, Smokeless Business Income Up

RICHMOND, Va. — Altria Group Inc., the parent company of tobacco companies Philip Morris USA (PM altria groupUSA), U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. (UST) and John Middleton, reported improved performance in the fourth quarter 2009 over the comparable quarter thanks to higher operating companies income from cigarettes, cigars and financial services, as well as operating income contribution from the UST acquisition, lower corporate asset impairment and exit costs, and higher earnings from Altria’s investment in beer maker SABMiller plc.

Brain Scan Strategy vs. Tobacco Marketers

Ever wondered people still keep puffing away despite the fact that we’re better informed about the dangers of smoking than ever cigs shopbefore? And despite the fact that there are no ads around? And despite the fact that you can’t consider smoking inside but instead have to relegate yourself to a corner with nothing but a seedy over-filled ashtray for company?