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HU: Tobacco plant can produce anti-malaria drug

Hebrew University researchers used plan to produce an effective anti-malaria drug; combating malaria is one of the eight Millennium Development Goals.

Genetically modified tobacco plants to fight HIV?

Drug companies have long used plants to produce pharmaceuticals-and tobacco plants, perhaps ironically, have been explored for Planta tobaccotheir potential role in fighting such things as cancer, cavities, scorpion venom, and more.

It’s not your usual tobacco plant

WILLIAMSBURG — The Marlboro label is familiar, but what’s coming off the production line at a factory near Busch Gardens is not your typical tobacco product.

Tobacco additives issue set to take world stage

Lexington, KY - The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Switzerland headquarters is a far distance from the tobacco fields of tobacco plantKentucky, but the agency is casting a long shadow over those fields as it prepares to pass guidelines that could affect cigarette content and interrupt a centuries-old industry.

Oneidas moving cigarette plant to city of Oneida

The Oneida Indian Nation is moving its cigarette-manufacturing plant from Western New York to Nation land in the city of Oneida – bringing 15 jobs and continued controversy along with it.

Tobacco plant-made therapeutic thwarts West Nile virus

Chen, a researcher at Arizona State University’s Biodesign Institute and professor in the PolyTechnic Campus’ College of Technology and Innovation, is the first to demonstrate a plant-derived treatment to successfully combat West Nile virus after exposure and infection. The research appears in this week’s issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (advanced online edition).

Tobacco Plants Tapped to Grow Solar Cells

Tobacco plants could help wean the world from fossil fuels, according to scientists from the University of California, Berkeley.

Tobacco plant thwarts caterpillar onslaught by opening flowers in the morning

We normally think of pollinators as providing a valuable service to plants, and they certainly do. In exchange for nectar, pollinators like the well-known honey bee carry pollen from one plant to the other and thus promote cross-fertilization. But what happens when the pollinators aren’t satisfied with their nectar rewards and decide to eat their generous plant partners? Just such a scenario arises in a number of plant-pollinator mutualisms in which the pollinator deposits eggs on the plant, which then develop into herbivorous larvae. What is a plant to do when faced with such a dilemma?

Tobacco Plant Virus Spreading To Connecticut

A tobacco plant virus is spreading into Connecticut from Massachusetts, the latest malady from the chilly, sodden summer that is ruining everything from vine ripe tomatoes to early corn.