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Revision of tobacco products directive not likely before 2012

Revision of Directive 2001/37/EC on the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco products is likely to be a difficult exercise, as evidenced by the lunch-debate, held on 12 July, at the invitation of MEP Csaba Tabajdi (S&D, Hungary). Two opposing views clashed, although the tobacco industry (as such) was not represented: on one side, tobacco growers urged decision makers to avoid any disproportionate measures that might have an impact on jobs and on the industry’s earnings, and on the other, anti-tobacco organisations denounced tobacco’s effects on health.

Abra benefits from Virginia tobacco production

MANUEL Dizon, 61 years old and dapper, sat in a wooden chair inside their farm house in Barangay Villavieja, Pilar, Abra. He lifted a dried tobacco leaf, rolled it into a cigar as we talked.

British American Tobacco - collaborative effort sees more responsible growing

A landmark rural community project builds on work to identify and address the risks posed by British American Tobacco’s leaf-growing Best-Practice-tobaccooperations and to look at improvements beyond day-to-day business.

Tobacco Trust Fund key to N.C. agriculture’s future

The N.C. House’s version of the state budget proposes to permanently eliminate the Tobacco Trust Fund Commission, putting that money into the General Fund to help cover the budget shortfall. Since 2001, the Tobacco Trust Fund has received an annual appropriation of several million dollars from the General Assembly. These funds were awarded to the state under the 1998 Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (in the current version of the House budget, these moneys are called Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement Funds). Now that this has become a hot topic in the budget debate, some have been wondering what the Tobacco Trust Fund actually does for small farmers and local, healthy food. The name of the fund doesn’t describe the breadth of work it supports.

Danville company proposes new use for tobacco

DANVILLE - Imagine if area farmers could once again profitably grow tobacco and in far greater quantities than ever before.burleytobacco

E-cigarettes ruled tobacco products

E-cigarettes have joined cigars and pipe tobacco as unregulated tobacco products, clearing the way for mainstream stores to begine-cigarettesselling the electronic devices.

Producing safer tobacco critical in capturing foreign markets

The rapid growth of middle classes in China, India and other countries over the past few years has opened up new markets for Southeastern tobacco.

Menthol’s friends in high places

TOBACCO GIANT Lorillard crows as the FDA cowers. Last week, an advisory panel of the Food and Drug Administration found that handsremoval of menthol cigarettes would benefit public health. But the panel stopped short of recommending a ban, prompting stocks of Lorillard, the king of menthol cigarettes, to shoot up from roughly $79 a share to roughly $90.

FDA: Agency must review tobacco products

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The Food and Drug Administration says it must review tobacco products that were introduced or changed over the last four years in order for companies to keep selling them.