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Windows Tobacco Road Sports Cafe art allowed staying

After a meeting on Wednesday night in Chapel Hill Arts public commission, Dean Smith remains larger than life in Chapel Hill.
At the meeting of the Public Art Commission has considered two giant murals on the windows of Tobacco Road - at the local cafe sports outside NC Highway 54, which opened in December.
The Commission decided that it has no authority to remove the mural. Murals will therefore be allowed to stay.

From the west coast to Tobacco Road

As a player under head Coach John Wooden at the University of California, Los Angeles, Larry Farmer was team captain his senior season and led the Bruins to three consecutive national championships and a NCAA record 89-1 record in three seasons. He worked as head coach at his alma mater, as well as the Weber State and Loyola University Chicago.

Oski and Queen at Tobacco Road

Another weekend, another Tobacco Road-centered music festival sponsored by the tireless Oski Gonzalez and Queen of the Scene. No, seriously, this pair comprises two of the most unfailingly positive movers and shakers in the local scene. And if they put on so many multi-stage, million-band festivals, it’s because they really care. The Colossal Music Fest lacks a genre theme — as many of their events do — and instead focuses just on being very, very big and very, very local in scope. The main departure is this edition doesn’t actually take place solely at Tobacco Road — its second day, Saturday, September 26, moves uptown to Churchill’s.

The FDA’s tobacco road

For most of the last 15 years, the Food and Drug Administration’s authority to regulate tobacco has been either a thwarted promise or a fitful threat, depending on your point of view.