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Cuba Calls Australian tobacco rules

Cuba is seeking to overturn Australia’s tough tobacco labeling rules of the World Trade Organization, the trade body said on Monday, the first time that Havana used the forum directly confront with other nations over its commercial laws.
Cuba, the world’s dominant producer of fine cigars, has filed a “request for consultations” with Australia, Keith Rockwell, a spokesman for the W.T.O, said from Geneva, where the organization is based.

EU proposes stricter rules for tobacco

The European Commission has proposed a more environment health warnings on cigarettes and tobacco, and a total ban on the strong flavors in a move that may force tobacco companies to rethink how they sell their products in the 27-member bloc.

New rules for tobacco dealers

Elders created additional hoop for future tobacco dealers to jump through, gave the city center bar owner permission to sell take-out beer and spirits, and expressed concern about the treatment of old street festival.

The tobacco rules

In support of the organization’s commitment of Be Tobacco Free, Bay Pines VA Health System tightened tobacco used restrictions October 1 at the main Bay Pines VA Medical Center campus in St. Petersburg, and in all places of outpatient clinic.

Current Tobacco Rules

A local university doesn’t plan on completely banning the use of tobacco on its territory - at least for now.