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Californians want to allow local taxes on cigarettes, other products

Nearly 60% of those polled support changing state law to allow voters to approve local taxes on cigarettes, sugary drinks, liquor and tax productsoil pumped from the ground.

Vermont Going in the Wrong Direction on Tobacco Taxation

For the most part, the constant upward pressure on cigarette taxes in the Northeast has subsided, as states have consistently failed to realize expected revenue gains. A number of states are even moving to cut these excise taxes to lure consumers that have begun to purchase contraband cigarettes or migrated to lower-tax jurisdictions. Credible proposals exist in New Hampshire, New Jersey and Rhode Island, while Maine Gov. Paul LePage campaigned on a promise to cut tobacco taxes.

North Carolina Propose Increasing Cigarette Tax

Resolution Elusive in Debate Over NY Cigarette Tax

New York’s latest attempt to tax lucrative Native American smokeshop sales to non-Indian customers has generated mountains of Indian Cigaretteslegal briefs, hours of argument and a seemingly constant flurry of court decisions.

Senecas, NYS resume smoke tax fight

The Seneca Nation of Indians has collected slightly more than $45 million in fees related to tobacco sales since 2006, with the bulk of that money going to underwrite health and education programs on its reservations and for tribal members.

Tax on pipe tobacco opposed

That last essential trait is now under attack. A bill before Congress proposes to increase the federal excise tax on pipe tobacco, making it equal to the recently enacted tax on loose cigarette tobacco purchased by smokers who “roll their own.” If passed, the bill would tax pipe tobacco at nearly $25 per pound, an increase of 775 percent.

Cigarette tax bold solution for South Carolina woes

A great deal of debate ensued this past week when I announced a proposal to raise South Carolina’s lowest-in-the-nation cigarette tax to the national average, with the proceeds split between health care and education. I remain convinced that this is the right course of action for our state.

Indian tax dispute

ALBANY — Gov. David A. Paterson has asked the U.S. Justice Department for a “threat assessment” about possible violence if he were to try to collect taxes on cigarette sales by Indian tribes, including the Seneca Nation.

Increase Cigarette Tax to cut Smoking

Almost all countries raised the cigarette taxes in order to decrease the smoking among their inhabitants. But recently, Bulgaria’s new government wants to raise excise duties on cigarettes 43 percent next year in a bid to curb smoking and help the health care system.