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WHO chief faces fight on reforms

Manila - Tough-talking World Health Organization chief Margaret Chan Fung Fu-chun may be facing the toughest battle of her leadership as she launches a bid for unprecedented funding and management reform at the UN body.

Economic Development Could Change Worldwide Face Of Cancer

A new American Cancer Society report says cancers associated with lifestyles and behaviors related to economic development, including lung, breast, and colorectal cancers, will continue to rise in developing countries if preventive measures are not widely applied. The finding comes from the second edition of Global Cancer Facts & Figures and its academic publication, Global Cancer Statistics, published in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians. Both publications were released on World Cancer Day, Feb. 4, 2011. The latest edition of Global Cancer Facts & Figures includes a special section on cancer in Africa, where according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) about 681,000 new cancer cases and 512,400 cancer deaths occurred in 2008, numbers that are projected to nearly double by 2030 due to growth and aging of the population.

World No Smoking Day

To smoke is to breathe in smoke through cigarettes, cigars, pipes and to let it out again. Those who inhale smoke are called tobacco free daysmokers and those who smoke tobacco regularly are called heavy smokers or chain smokers. Smoking is not a must like food and drink. However, many people are addicted to smoking to such an extent that they say that they can live for days without food and drink but not without a smoke. There is a limit to the quantity of food and drink that a human being can consume because after a while the consumer loses his appetite but in the case of smoking there is no limit, There are smokers who light cigarettes, cigars or beedi one after the other and those who have the pipe always in the mouth .Such persons are called chain smokers.

Oil spill science: The smoking gun

Science journalist Mark Schrope is aboard the research vessel Pelican, which is spending the week studying the Deepwater Horizon Oil spilloil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Check back to The Great Beyond for daily mission updates.

WHO tobacco treaty a global first

GENEVA, On March 01 representatives from the 168 ratifying countries of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) tobacco treaty World Health Organizationgathered to celebrate its landmark fifth anniversary. As part of the convening, the treaty Secretariat released a comprehensive report on the history of the treaty, assessing its successes to date and the challenges that remain.

Tax and Spend: U.N.’s Rx for New World Medical Order

A member of a World Health Organization (WHO) panel of experts that is pondering new global taxes on e-mails, World Health Organizationalcohol, tobacco, airline travel and consumer bank transactions, has charged that she was given only selective information at group meetings, that deliberations were rushed and that group was “manipulated” by the international pharmaceuticals industry.

Child health legislation on medical devices, tobacco approved

Two important pieces of legislation relating to children’s health and pediatricians have recently passed into law.

Rising tobacco output flies in the face of WHO commitment

India’s tobacco production rose by 25 per cent to 314 million kg in 2008-09, making it even more difficult for the country to meet its commitment to the World Health Organization (WHO) to reduce production by 50 per cent within the next decade.