Goombay branding secrets

The origin of the controversial cigarette Gombey remains unclear.

6588934-burning-candle-in-the-shape-of-the-heart-cigarettes-shorten-life-stop-smoking-conceptWe reported two weeks ago that the company uses in Florida Gombey images on their cigarette packages. But whose idea was it to use Gombey brand?
Goombay cigarettes manufactured and sold by President Tobacco LLC and the tagline is: “original taste of Bermuda. They are sold in six states in the U.S. These upset Goombay communities, with the troupe leaders tell us cigarettes are “totally against what our culture Goombay stands for.”
This product was registered in April 2012 in Aventura, Florida and cigarettes are available in Bermuda. The white box is a small, colorful Goombay on the cover with the words: “The Prime blend, full of flavor. President of the Tobacco Company owns Stan Friedman, who said:. “We make cigarettes for any company that wants to make a private label”
He did not comment further.

The cigarettes are locally distributed by Pitt and company and sold at various retailers. John Tomlinson, President and CEO of the company said that the cigarettes were not the origin of the idea of the Bermuda: “In principle, the producer Stan. It makes brands in the Bahamas called Rush. He sought to make local cigarettes here. It is actually a cigar. It’s rolled tobacco.
“It is a manufacturer and we distribute them.”

When asked why Gombey shown on the label, Mr Tomlinson said: “I think the best way to describe it is the thing to say that Stan was a thriving business of tobacco in the United States and his export business model, which is to manufacture of cigarettes and cigars in the Caribbean use of folklore characters. Bahamas Rush. Here is Gombeys “.

He continued: “It is the copyright owner. We are distributor of tobacco in Bermuda. It made sense for him to come closer to us. It is in the export business and a model for export to the folklore character. Pitt and Co. is just a distributor. ”
Mr. Tomlinson would not say whether he thought Gombey cigarettes have been a good idea.

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