High levels of taxation may limit the sale of tobacco

Ammonia, arsenic, butane, lead, tar and many of the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes, and so it is with paan masala. Conversely, a dry anti-money laundering, belifal, dates, cherries, aniseeds, cardamom and mint can be a fantastic alternative for cancer tobacco products.

Search for alternative cancer “gutkha» and “paan masala” is the biggest problem. But the pensioner says that made it a viable alternative for the production of these dangerous products.

The solid and semi-options “gutkha» and “paan masala” has been named as “Amrita” and «Oorja”, which are available in small bags. These products are currently only used to encourage patients admitted to hospital cancer JK quitting tobacco.

Made from a dry anti-money laundering, belifal, dates, cherries, aniseeds, cardamom, mint and herbal aromas, these natural products are available in limited locations. These herbal alternatives are also recommended by doctorsJKCancerHospital. Hospital authorities will distribute Amrit and Oorja for patients and their attendants on the occasion of “No Tobacco Day” on Thursday.

“Tobacco is a substance which is not effective and the cancer has become an integral part of many people’s lives. Nevertheless, the substance poses a threat to the environment and humanity, because it is highly toxic. While users can not quit smoking is a habit environmentalists and doctors have cried hoarse on this issue, “Dr. Avadhesh Dixit, Director, JK Cancer Hospital, said.

“Amla is good for the hair, reduces the couch and enhance the body’s resistance, while belifal a good remedy for diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, tanning and much more. However, the terms give the energy and power, mint and cardamom, are the mouth fresheners. All these products are combined to replace the masala, “said Suman Tiwari, a manufacturer and developer of Amrit and Oorja.

“High taxes on tobacco and its products are only a means to curb the sale of cigarettes paan masalaand. Money spent on treatment of cancer patients much more than what the government receives as income from tobacco and its products,” said Dr. AK Nigam, chief physician of the chief Ursula Horsman Hospital, which is the nodal officer for the “No Tobacco Day” in the city. The WHO study showed that tobacco use is highest in lower socio-economic groups. There about 600 ingredients in cigarettes. Burning cigarette creates over 4,000 chemicals. At least 50 of these substances are known to cause cancer and many of them are poisonous. Thus, smokers are harmful light of their loved ones as well.

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