Manufacturer BULGARTABAC

BULGARTABAC Holding Group is one of the leading tobacco companies in Central and Eastern Europe. The structure of the Holding includes tobacco buying, processing and leaf trade, manufacturing and export of cigarettes, research and development. Bulgartabac’s headquarters are located in Sofia and its cigarette and tobacco affiliates are in the main tobacco growing areas of the country.

Through its tobacco processing plants, BULGARTABAC is a major buyer, processor and exporter of tobaccos, cultivated in Bulgaria. The Oriental tobaccos are with the biggest production quota. Due to favorable agro-climatic conditions, tradition, experience and skill of the Bulgarian tobacco farmers and Bulgartabac’s expert management, the world renowned Oriental varieties: Djebel, Krumovgrad, Nevrokop, Dupniza, East Balkan, Topolovgrad, Harmanli, Melnik, North Bulgaria are grown in the country.

BULGARTABAC Holding Group also buys and processes locally grown tobaccos from the types Virginia-cigarette and Burley.

Through its affiliates Bulgartabac Holding Group supports the tobacco farmer during the whole season from transplanting until harvesting. The company supplies tobacco seeds free of charge and renders agro-technical advice. Bulgartabac provides also the farmer with fertilizers, polyethylene, etc.

For facilitating farmers, tobacco-buying stations are located in the villages where experts of the Holding assess the tobaccos.

Tobacco manipulation and storage houses are built according to international standards and customers’ requirements for production of high quality tobacco in bales and strips.

The company is among the big cigarette manufacturers in the world. Use of modern equipment, application of most advanced technologies and precise quality control enables BULGARTABAC to manufacture international style cigarettes keeping up with the latest trends in consumer’s demand. The cigarettes, manufactured by BULGARTABAC cover the whole range of blends: Virginia, American, European and Oriental. During the last several years following the changes in consumers’ preferences, BULGARTABAC began producing cigarettes in Medium, Lights and Ultra Lights categories.

Along with established cigarette brands, trade marks of BULGARTABAC, an increasing share of the company’s production is occupied by new brand families: Victory, Prestige, Bulgartabac, Femina etc. Among the main activities of the Holding is the export of cigarettes. The ambition of the company is to consolidate its position on the traditional markets as well as to look for new export opportunities. To our satisfaction the company’s products are already well accepted in Israel, Latin America, the Middle and Far East and other prospective cigarette markets.

Brands: 7 Seven Hills, Arda, Bridge, BT, Bulgartabac, Femina, GD, Haskovo, Inter, Kings, Melnik, MM, Nevada, New Line, OK, Opal, Orient Express, Phoenix, Pleven, Prestige, Rodopi, Seven’s, SF, Shipka, Silver, Sredetz, Stewardess, Tresor, TU 134, Vega, Victory, Welcome.

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