Manufacturer Japan Tobacco International

Japan Tobacco International

JT was established on 1st April 1985.
JT will continue to provide brands unique to JT in the tobacco, pharmaceuticals and foods businesses, and strive to be a company that provides unique and invaluable brands.

JT has been extensively engaged in tobacco, acquiring the highest level of expertise in manufacturing, distribution and research. JT offers a wide range of best-selling cigarette brands for different smokers, with the constant addition of new and timely products. JT dominates the Japan market, the world’s fourth largest market, with more than the two-thirds of the market share.

JT has accumulated an enormous amount of expertise in tobacco through its years of involvement in tobacco manufacturing. The result is seen in JT’s unrivalled excellence of tobacco manufacturing systems. One example is the state-of-the-art rolling and packaging machines which possess production capacity of 14,000 cigarettes a minute and accuracy up to one-millionth of a millimeter, now in use at JT plants. In addition to these high performance machines, JT has consistently introduced other innovative machines and combined them for the best results to keep its manufacturing speed and quality at the world’s highest levels. In addition, JT is taking on the development of new products while continuing to enhance customer satisfaction through extensive research on smoker preference in taste and flavor.

Increasing competitiveness through a tremendous domestic sales force

JT holds approximately two-thirds of the domestic cigarette market share, which is built on its best-selling brands: Mild Seven, Cabin, Caster, Seven Stars, Peace, Virginia, and Salem. Above all, the top-selling Mild Seven brand is Japan’s leading cigarette and Camel and Salem are well known international brands. JT has surpassed its competitors in marketing excellence as well. Thanks to its fine-tuning and high-quality win-win tactics, JT’s market managers keep a close eye on the status of each shop and provide shopkeepers with ideas to develop attractive selling floors. In addition, all requests and opinions from consumers and retailers around the nation are centrally collected and are used to improve products and services for even greater customer satisfaction.

To promote harmony between smokers and non-smokers

JT launched its new SMOKERS’ STYLE initiative, in which it calls for better manners on the part of smokers, while enjoying smoking. As part of this initiative, which aims to promote a society in which both smokers and non-smokers can more easily coexist, JT regularly and aggressively implements various measures including: smoking manner advertisements on TV, newspapers and public transportation; conducting voluntary clean-up campaigns with citizens called You will love your town more by cleaning it up; JT-sponsored installation of smoking stands and consultation for effective approaches to establish designated smoking areas in public spaces such as train stations, airports and other large establishments; and distribution of portable ashtrays. We also engage jointly with other companies in research and development of ventilation and cigarette odor removal systems and the creation of smoking rooms using advanced smoke-separation technologies. JT will continue to seek and offer realizations like SMOKERS’ STYLE that would enable smokers and nonsmokers to more comfortably coexist.

Operating aggressively worldwide as a global cigarette manufacturer

JT’s international tobacco business exceeds its domestic tobacco business, in terms of sales volume, and it has been growing steadily as a global cigarette company. With its Global Flagship Brands – Camel, Winston, Mild Seven and Salem – JT’s international tobacco business operates aggressively around the world as a key source of income growth for the entire JT Group.

Mild Seven

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