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House of Prince is Denmark’s only cigarette manufacturer and a company that is growing internationally. House of Prince, which is part of the Scandinavian Tobacco Company Group, has production facilities in Denmark and Poland and sales companies in a number of European countries. House of Prince employs more than 1,700 people. House of Prince was taken over by British American Tobacco (BAT) in 2008

PRINCE then and now

The Prince cigarette was launched in 1957 as “the filter cigarette with full tobacco flavour”, and just six weeks later the Danish version of the slogan “I go for Prince” was introduced.

Originally, the plan was to use the slogan for six months, but its durability proved much greater. Today, the phrase is an evergreen in Denmark.

Over the past twenty or so years the red Prince has been joined by a number of variants so that in 2006 there are nine variants on the Danish market:

Prince Rich Taste (previously Prince, launched 1957)

Prince Rounded Taste (previously Prince Lights, launched 1979)

Prince Rich Taste 100 (previously Prince 100, launched 1985)

Prince Rounded 100 (previously Prince Lights 100, launched 1987)

Prince Menthol Taste (previously Prince Lights Menthol, launched 1990)

Prince Golden Taste (previously Prince Ultra Lights, launched 1990)

Prince Golden Taste 100 (previously Prince Lights 100, launched 1995)

Prince Smooth Taste (previously Prince Extra Ultra, launched 1999)

Prince Highland Taste (launched 2006)

Prince First Cut (launched 2008)

Prince Indian Summer (launched 2008)

Prince Midnight Taste (launched 2009)(only available by Seven-Eleven Stores)

Historic milestones

Autumn 2004:
A new package design is introduced for the cigarette Prince including among other things new information on the side and inside the lid of the package as well as new variants.

Autumn 2003:
The EU has banned the use of the term lights on cigarette packs. All Prince variants have changed their name as a consequence of this. Also according to requirements from the EU larger warning texts have been put on the packs and the content of nicotine and tar in the smoke has been reduced. The cigarette packs are now additionally labelled with the content of carbon monoxide in the smoke.

Spring 2003:
The Prince family got a new pack design in the spring of 2002. One of the main changes in the design is the replacement of the cigarette motif right in the middle of the pack, which has been there since the launch of Prince in 1957.

Exports speed up

By 1961 – the year Skandinavisk Tobakskompagni was founded – Prince was launched in Sweden. Six years later it was introduced in Norway.

When Denmark entered the Common Market in 1972 Prince crossed the West German border – initially only to shops just south of the border. In the following years distribution gradually moved south and from 1986 the Danish cigarette was marketed all over West Germany. Today Germany is an important export market for Prince.

Once Prince had established itself in Northern Germany it was introduced in several other European countries, including Greece which today is another major market for Prince.

In the 1990s it became possible to expand activities to Eastern Europe and the Baltic States, where today mainly local brands are manufactured.

Today House of Prince has its own sales and marketing companies in Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Greece and Hungary.

Prince is now exported to more than 40 countries, with exports accounting for about 75% of total sales. Prince is also sold in aircraft and international airports all over the world, as well as on ferry services to and from Scandinavia.

The House of Prince Group employs more than 1,700 people, with about 650 employed in Søborg, Denmark.

Brand(s): Prince


Rich Taste
Rounded Taste
Golden Taste
Smooth Taste
Highland Taste
Indian Summer
First Cut
Midnight Taste (intro 2009)


King’s Original
King’s Filter
King’s Sand (withdrawn 2008)
King’s Blue
King’s Red
King’s Green
King’s Orange
King’s Purple (intro 2008)


Look Rich Moments
Look Balanced Moments
Look Smooth Moments
Look Original Menthol
Look Silver Menthol
Look Icy Menthol (intro 2008)


Savoy Gold
Savoy Menthol
Savoy Blue


Cecil Original
Cecil Filter
Cecil Blue


Queen’s Original

North State

North State Filter
North State Gold


Mistral Gold
Mistral Menthol


Scotsman Original

Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains


Corner Blue
Corner Red
Corner Red 100
Corner Blue 100
Corner Menthol 100


LA Original
LA Blue
LA Menthol
LA Original 100
LA Blue 100
LA Menthol 100
LA Black (intro 2009)

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