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Big Tobacco to pay the state $ 6.5 billion

The three largest U.S. companies, tobacco, said Monday they have paid a total of $ 6.5 billion this year in the states of the United States, unchanged since 2011, the 1998 national agreement, which obliges companies to help cover the health bills of patients smoking .

“Raising taxes on tobacco products could damage its export”

“Ray of Hope” in the bleak economic conditions in the country seems to be the most taxed agricultural products – tobacco – which showed a surprising almost 300 per cent increase in exports over the past two years.

States could see more tobacco payments this year

States are estimated to receive about 1% more in annual payments from tobacco companies this year than in 2011, offering more money will be available to return billions of dollars of municipal bonds, tobacco payments.

U.S. Supreme Court hears case on graphic tobacco ads

The government yesterday defended the graphic labels and advertisements of tobacco, the use of pictures of rotting teeth and diseased lungs, accurate and appropriate, to warn consumers about the dangers of smoking.

Advocates of tobacco in Indonesia say: Light Up!

This is more or less generally accepted that smoking is harmful to health. But some people in Indonesia, where smoking is a kind of national pastime, claim otherwise. Issues of smoking in Indonesia have been allocated in the last month, when local media reported that an eight-year boy in West Java smoked two packs of cigarettes a day.

How ACTA stinks of Big Tobacco

If the industry that brings five million deaths a year to anyone involved in the development of public policy?

The state puts a flame to roll your own tobacco stores

Young roll your own retailers of tobacco by Bob Peckinpaugh to the last, desperate gasp.He has already closed its sister city in the store for a turn of events has caused regulators Kansas.

Raising tobacco taxes save lives, generates income

A group of American University of Beirut researchers found that raising taxes on tobacco products will reduce the incidence of smoking-related diseases, as well as to attract much-needed revenue into the state treasury, AUB press release on Thursday.

Tobacco use veterinarians fear

Many veterans residing tobacco use in public facilities afraid of executive order the governor can make them move, if you do not give up his habit. The order of the Governor Mary Fallin, signed on February 6 declares, “The use of any tobacco products is prohibited in any property owned, lease or contract for the use of the State of Oklahoma.”