Monthly Archives: August 2011

Utah gives hookah the hook

Starting in mid-September, Utah bars and clubs cannot allow patrons to smoke most hookah products indoors.

State Preemption of Local Tobacco Control Policies Restricting Smoking, Advertising, and Youth Access

Preemptive state tobacco control legislation prohibits localities from enacting tobacco control laws that are more stringent than state law. State preemption provisions can preclude any type of local tobacco control policy. The three broad types of state preemption tracked by CDC include preemption of local policies that restrict:

Altria Fires Up Dividend Hike, Riding Smokeless To $30 Stock Price

On Friday, Altria increased its dividend by 7.9% to $0.41 per common share, making it 45 times in the last 42 years that the company has hiked the dividend. With a set of new product launches in addition to its strong product mix and pricing power, the Altria Group is well positioned to grow in the smokeless tobacco segment.

Tobacco crop up a bit, down from a decade ago

tobacco farmer

Third-generation Kentucky tobacco farmer Gene Witt says this year's crop, his 46th, may be his last.

SHELBYVILLE, Ky. — It’s harvest time in much of the nation’s tobacco patches, and this year’s harvest is expected to be among the smallest in at least a decade.

Michigan Bar Owners Bounce Lawmakers to Protest Smoking Ban

Some days, politicians could use a drink. But lawmakers in Michigan may soon find it harder to get one.

Debating Influence of Movies on Kids’ Smoking

France unveils new austerity budget

CIGARETTE and alcohol price rises and a new tax on France’s richest residents are among the measures unveiled by the goverment in an €11bn deficit reduction package.

Big tobacco to take Australia packaging fight to higher court


World-first plain packaging for tobacco products becomes law in Australia