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Investors Cashing In On Smokeless Nicotine Debate

Despite warnings from the FDA and others, smokers aren’t the only ones who seem to have a pent up demand for the latest “non-smoking” fad.

Report of US Centers for Disease Control Show Downward Trend in Current Smokers

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued 2 reports, both published in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report and reprinted in the December 23/30 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, on smoking trends and secondhand smoke exposure in 2008.

State Officials Cut Expenses on Smoking Prevention Programs

According to a new report carried out by a coalition of health groups, State Legislatures are generating record profits cigsfrom tobacco giants and tobacco taxes but have been cutting the expenses on smoking programs more and more, and particularly in the state of New York.

Law hazy concerning e-cigarettes

As the statewide smoking ban in bars and casinos approaches its three-month anniversary, more smokers in Bozeman are turning toward electronic cigarettes as a way to get their fix from the comfort of their barstool.

Brain Scan Strategy vs. Tobacco Marketers

Ever wondered people still keep puffing away despite the fact that we’re better informed about the dangers of smoking than ever cigs shopbefore? And despite the fact that there are no ads around? And despite the fact that you can’t consider smoking inside but instead have to relegate yourself to a corner with nothing but a seedy over-filled ashtray for company?

South Dakota misses Centers for Disease Control mark for tobacco prevention spending

Although South Dakota spends only 52 percent of what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends on tobacco prevention programs, state anti-tobacco activists say the money has been enough to make a significant difference.

S&P experts think FDA regulations threaten tobacco industry

According to a recently published S&P report, the groundbreaking Tobacco Control Act signed in June and providing the U.S. Food & Drug Administration with the authority to oversee tobacco industry would have significant impact on the industry as whole in the long-term perspective and result in huge risks.

China’s tobacco industry

Mengcheng doesn’t have the ring to it that Havana or Montechristo have. But for what this modest city in Anhui Province cigareteslacks in Caribbean romance it has in ambition, aiming to make its mark on the world with high-quality cigars. In true China style, rows of serious-looking female workers in grey overalls, hair in disposable white caps, roll brown tobacco leaf into fat fingers which are then shipped to another assembly line to be clipped, smoothed and stamped and boxed as Wangguan (“crown”) cigars, which are then sent across China and the US to be sold.

E-cigarettes under Fire for Selling Devices to Kids

Using a hidden camera, reporters of the ABC15 Channel visited several malls in Phoenix and other Arizona cities, and found e-cigaretesmany of them are selling the electronic smoking devices, known as electronic cigarettes to adolescents.