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Global Tobacco Control Convention Proposes to Limit Cigarette Flavor Additives

Public health officials from all around the world decided to restrict or ban flavor additives which make tobacco products more tobacco control WHOattractive to new smokers, especially to youngsters.

Spain anti-smoking law

Spaniards will wake up on Sunday to find that what many consider an inalienable right — puffing on a cigarette with a drink at their smoking ban in Spainlocal bar — has overnight become illegal.

Reynolds targets quitters marketing Camel Snus

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. has launched a national campaign marketing Camel Snus as a potential New Year’s resolution solution for smokers.

On smoking and driving

It should have been easy to see that driving under the influence was going to come up when voters gave the thumbs up to medical smoking drivingmarijuana in Michigan. Marijuana is an intoxicant that has some effects similar to alcohol and opiates. It would seem to be a good thing for medical marijuana patients to not drive while under the influence of the medication. That’s a matter of public safety, and not just because police have been reported to lay in wait near compassion centers where marijuana smoking takes place in order to arrest drivers suspected of intoxication. Other patients have been charged with DUI after having been stopped for other traffic violations and divulging that they were medical marijuana patients.

Research Report on China’s Cigarette Industry – 2010-2012

China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of tobacco products. The tobacco industry in China plays an important role in the national economy, and is an important source of jinshen chinaChina’s government fiscal revenue. China’s tobacco industry is a highly controversial industry. On the one hand, as a government monopoly, the tobacco industry brings enormous profits and taxes to the Chinese government and its state-owned tobacco producing and marketing enterprises. On the other hand, the support has grown for the requirements to restrict the tobacco industry due to the harm of smoking in China and the whole world.

World Health Organization to regulate flavored tobacco

Approximately 170 countries were willing to adopt legal measures last Friday in order to regulate flavored tobacco products, citing concerns that the youth is lured by World Health Organizationflavorings in tobacco and become addicted to smoking.

Smoking Ban Arrives Jan. 1 for Navy’s Submarine Sailors

The USS Michigan got a jump on a dozen other Kitsap-based submarines, and its sailors are breathing easier because of it.Smoking Ban for Navy's Submarine Sailorsy

Difficulties of Tobacco Control

NANCHANG, – Local legislators in an east China city have watered down a smoking ban previously touted as China’s toughest, China smokersreflecting the tremendous challenges tobacco control efforts face in China, the country with the largest number of smokers.

New Law in South Dakota Creates Mixed Signals In Establishment

The smoking ban passed in November that South Dakota voters thought was pretty clear is proving instead to be hazy.south dakota