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EU proposes stricter rules for tobacco

The European Commission has proposed a more environment health warnings on cigarettes and tobacco, and a total ban on the strong flavors in a move that may force tobacco companies to rethink how they sell their products in the 27-member bloc.

Tobacco companies continue to struggle truth

Although he has many supporters (also known as nicotine addicts), the tobacco industry has a few friends. This is not only because it sells a deadly product, but because of his inability to the COP for its health properties of stainless steel and its history lies. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), tobacco use kills more than 400,000 people each year in the U.S.

Marin pension trustees urged to drop tobacco great investment

The head of the tobacco disease control program called Marin County pension trustees to gain from the cigarette business, calling the issue a matter of life or death, which costs the county millions of dollars.

Tobacco smuggling in Europe are lower than industry figures show

Tobacco smuggling inEuropeare lower than the industry assume the published Tobacco Control.

Is FTSE 100 Stalwart British American Tobacco a Good Value?

Capital gains, of course, the goal of many investors. One way of achieving this is to buy a company with steady growth. If you bought when the shares are cheap, two drivers could move the share price up:

Contract details in big tobacco lawsuit remain a mystery

Alberta government will not release information about its controversial contract with the Calgary law firm to sue Big Tobacco for $ 10 billion, the Minister of Justice, Jonathan Denis confirmed Tuesday. Dennis said that the legislative details publicity stand-by agreement with the International Lawyers recovery Tobacco can harm their business, giving the enemy ammunition.