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Australia – Leading Nation in Antismoking Efforts

Last year was marked by the growing efforts of many countries across the world in the field of struggling with tobacco consumption,anti smoking but one nation proved to be the World’s leader when it takes to tobacco control – Australia government adopted the most stringent anti tobacco measures in 2010 seeking to crack down tobacco usage in the next decades.

Menthol Cigarette Ban? Tobacco Companies Sue FDA

A proposed menthol cigarette menthol cigarettesban has tobacco companies fighting US health regulators in court in an effort to stop consideration of the ban.

Big Tobacco Test Smokeless Tobacco Products

RICHMOND, Va. — Philip Morris USA and R.J. Reynolds are gearing up to test smokeless tobacco products come March. This will mark smokeless-tobaccothe debut of PM USA’s and Skoal smokeless tobacco sticks and the second round of testing for R.J. Reynolds’s Camel Sticks, Camel Strips and Camel Orbs.

Government and big tobacco in dispute over proposed advertisements

The government and big tobacco companies are in dispute over proposed advertisements.tobacco

China Dependent On Tobacco In More Ways Than One

As if on a pilgrimage trail, visitors to the city of Yuxi in southwest China pose for photographs beside eight cigarette-like pillars and tobacco-factory-in-Chinathen in front of a hilltop red pagoda, instantly recognizable to most Chinese from the cigarette packets of the Hongta — or Red Pagoda — group.

China become major market for Cuban export

Winston Churchill and Fidel Castro fed the mystique, but it is Chinese smokers who could ultimately save the Cuban cigar.Cuban cigars

A Cuban cigar for women: Julieta says goodbye to Romeo

Cuba’s state-owned tobacco company is wooing women, with their very own version of the famous Havana cigar – in spite of the cigars factorywell-known health risks of cigar smoking. But is cigar-smoking destined to remain a man’s world?

Bid to tax Native American cigarettes stalls

Last summer, smokers who bought their cigarettes on Native American reservations were stocking up, anticipating the state’s promised clampdown on untaxed cigarette sales.

Has NYC gone too far by banning smoking in parks?

NEW YORK — The smokers of New York huddle in phone booths, hurry down cold streets and hover at office-building doorways during breaks, puffs of smoke giving them away.