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Tobacco law plan botched

An active campaign for a leading manufacturer of tobacco has seen almost two and a half years of effort to roll out the “hard” anti-tobacco situation in Bangladesh, like smoke.

Fruit of tobacco intended for children, FL

Rainbow Fruit blunts, line the shelves behind the counter at the convenience of Eustis Mobil store on U.S. Highway 441.

Tobacco-free policy

The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute in Texas announced earlier this month, a new tobacco-free policy for all current and future grants, which includes Texas and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Roll-your own tobacco shop owners like the expense of broadening the tax

Customer’s tobacco Mizer save the equivalent of $ 30 carton of cigarettes, tobacco free buying and hollow tube, and then rent a car that rolls his cigarettes.

Altria aims to engage wide smokers

Smokers today are more open to trying different types of tobacco smokers than in previous generations, and Altria Group Inc is working on new products to entice consumers who want to change from cigarettes, the company said.

Tobacco output, but deviates from the target

Tobacco production in Zimbabwe will continue its recovery this year, but the output can be less than the projected 150 million kg due to limited funding and erratic rainfall, the farmers said the auction season opens on Wednesday.

Indonesia Activists Push Probe of Dropped Tobacco Clause

Tobacco control activists are continuing their long campaign against the lawmakers were accused of removing a key point with the 2009 Health Bill, requiring the police to stop investigating the case will be restored.

Nelson, tobacco farmers, sin tax

I’m not a fan of Willie Nelson and his country western music. But I can not forget his collaboration with Wynton Marsalis, my idol for being one of the greatest trumpeters, and acts as a jazz and classical music. Nelson and Marsalis teamed up to play good music and released an album entitled “Two and a Blues.”

Campus smoking ban sparks debate

Efforts by the university in line with the new anti-smoking requirements from their suppliers of funds caused a controversy, which areas of UT such a policy can affect.