Monthly Archives: February 2013

MEPs debate proposal to make smoking unattractive

Draft rules on tobacco additives and labeling, and the likely effect of updating the EU Tobacco Products Directive on public health, business and tax revenues were examined in an Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee debate with Ireland’s Health Minister James Reilly and Health and Consumer Policy Commissioner Toni Borg on Monday.

NZ to introduce plain packaging of tobacco products

The Gov is expecting legal challenges over plain cigarette pack and has warned they could cost more then $6 million. Associate Health Minister Tariana Turia announced the Gov would push ahead with plans to introduce standard and unbranded packs with large health warnings for tobacco products.

Tea Party Exposed by Big Tobacco

Conventional wisdom holds that the Tea Party movement emerged as a result of grassroots anger against the government in 2009. We have known for some time that the real story is more complicated.

Signs of Stalling Momentum for Tobacco Plain Packaging

As the first step from Australia dedicated to the plain packaging hadn’t impact on the markets that appeared to have stalled in such countries like UK, New Zealand.

Tobacco marketing season preps at advanced stage

Tobacco is licensed for the 2013 tobacco selling that begins next Wednesday and have intensified prepared for the marketing season.