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Fighting Big Tobacco in Malaysia

In a country where 46 percent of men smoke, and where the government is spending RM20 billion a year, treatment of tobacco-related diseases, it is imperative that we as a society requires more health care, and more stringent laws tobacco.

Proposal to raise tax rates

Tobacco companies oppose the proposal to increase tax on cigarettes, which could see smokers pay Sh7 the treasury for every ten shillings spent on their products.

Tobacco prevention pays off in N.D.

Tobacco is a big problem in North Dakota. Each year it kills more than 800 people and costs the people of North Dakota more than $247 million in increased health care spending.

The Top E Cigarettes for 2011 Reviewed

Electronic cigarettes have quickly become the preferred alternative to traditional cigarette smokers.

Missouri Gets Tobacco ‘F’ Grade

I remember going into a nightclub in California several years ago, when the smoking ban had recently been put in place.

Campus tobacco policy reinforced as project draws mixed reactions

The University administration has taken steps to ensure compliance with existing policies on tobacco use, but there is no consensus among the groups on UNLV campus-wide ban on tobacco, and any new regulations have been made.

Tobacco on the court

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration scientists and experts gathered tobacco policy for the study of potential health risks and benefits of soluble tobacco products.

Regulators pressured over dissolvable tobacco

The Food and Drug Administration is considering the health impact of dissolvable tobacco, leaving investors concerned that new regulations may hurt Reynolds American. Shares in the tobacco giant dropped nearly 2.5% in trading on Thursday.

Dublin council favors severe restrictions on tobacco sales

Dublin is considering changes that could make the most of the stores to stop selling tobacco for three years. If approved, it will be one of the most stringent local tobacco sales laws in the state. Most California cities have no local zoning rules ban sales of tobacco products in certain areas.