Monthly Archives: January 2013

Visitors on counterfeit tobacco smoke

Tourists have complained that the souvenir “Beijing” brand of cigarettes they were shopping in the tourist area Dashilan shops are fake. The brand was made Beijing Cigarette Factory (BCF), and cigarette production was discontinued in 2009, an employee of the company.

Windows Tobacco Road Sports Cafe art allowed staying

After a meeting on Wednesday night in Chapel Hill Arts public commission, Dean Smith remains larger than life in Chapel Hill.
At the meeting of the Public Art Commission has considered two giant murals on the windows of Tobacco Road – at the local cafe sports outside NC Highway 54, which opened in December.
The Commission decided that it has no authority to remove the mural. Murals will therefore be allowed to stay.

Hike taxes on tobacco in 2014 looked at the state election

Get ready for another round of taxes on tobacco wars, California-style initiative.

Piedmont Flunks the Tobacco Test

Piedmont received a report card for anti-smoking policies.

Europe in caves in the Big Tobacco

A few days before Christmas, the tobacco industry chalked up a small but significant victory. When the European Commission published a new anti-smoking plan on December 19, he walked away from the recommendations that cigarettes should be sold in plain packages. Mandatory pictorial warnings diseases will be introduced, but 30% of the surface area of ​​a box of cigarettes will be reserved for branding.

E-cigarette use growing

Electronic cigarettes vapor nicotine through vapor-producing device. The heater of the battery helps create the smoking illusion.