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Smoking ban booted by council members

City Council’s meeting was cut short Monday – and a controversial smoking ban abruptly dismissed — after advocates withdrew their support following a series of amendments they said watered down the proposal.

Five States to Increase Cigarette Taxes on July 1

Washington, D.C. – To reduce smoking and combat budget deficits, five states will implement cigarette tax increases on July 1.

Smoking ruling to be on Wed

With only hours before a statewide smoking prohibition is to go into effect Thursday, a Shawnee County District Court judge will issue a ruling today on whether to block the ban in nightspots.

Big Tobacco won’t have to pay $280 billion

Richmond, Va. – The U.S. Supreme Court yesterday put an end to Washington’s bid to fine Big Tobacco more than a quarter of a big tobacco industrytrillion dollars for violating federal racketeering law.

Junk food and obesity: Taking a cue from tobacco control

What to do about the obesity epidemic? Here’s a thought: Substitute “tobacco” for “junk food.” That provides a pretty clear road junk foodmap about what government authorities should be doing to safeguard public health.

US Stocks Edge Higher, Led By Telecom, Tobacco Companies

NEW YORK -U.S. stocks edged up Monday, boosted by telecommunications stocks and tobacco companies after the Supreme Court declined to review a landmark tobacco-industry ruling.

Bulgaria has the shortest smoking ban in the world

smoking ban
Bulgarian government calls off ban on smoking in public places just 3 days after adopting it.

Verdict: Tobacco Companies Conspired To Deceive American Public and Addict Children

The Supreme Court announced on Monday that it would not take up either government or industry appeals of a landmark racketeering verdict against cigarette companies for what a lower court judge had termed a half-century of lying over the health effects of smoking.

E-cigarettes need FDA regulation, limits on sales

Chicago — Testing and safety information on electronic cigarettes is limited, the American Medical Association said, and the devices