Monthly Archives: June 2012

Protect your portfolio from Altria

Altria (MO) is currently one of the best investments in the tobacco industry. This Tobacco Company has a strong balance sheet and an aggressive plan for growth and diversification in the industry.

Philip Morris gets in the UK

Philip Morris International, the biggest Cigarette Company in the world  has attacked the UK Department, in the end with the public over whether to introduce plain packaging for tobacco products.

Tobacco control in the Czech Republic

Two of the largest tobacco companies in the world are actively weakened the tobacco-control policies in the Czech Republic over the past two decades, researchers from the Department of Health have found.

Tobacco stores see boom, bust expecting a hike in the cigarette tax victory

As the dollar more than the tobacco comes into force this week, some very strong opinions resulted from the adoption of the new law. As we know at this point that the tax increase on cigarettes took effect on Sunday, but what many do not know that this tax is included in a new form of classification for some other tobacco products.

Tightening position on tobacco products

Health groups unite to call for duty-free tobacco allowance to be scrapped and a huge increase in cigarette prices over the next four years.

School Boards Association supports the initiative of taxes on tobacco

Missouri School Boards Association voted to support a plan that will increase the Missouri low-in-the-nation tax on cigarettes from 17 cents per pack to 90 cents starting in January.

Maharashtra is connected to tobacco

GATS developed by Center for Disease Prevention and Control in Atlanta, by the way government showed that 31.4% of population from Maharashtra use tobacco.

Ministry of Health is preparing a bill to sue Big Tobacco

Bill would seek to compensate for the Ministry of NIS 14 billion in costs incurred from treating smoking-related diseases.

How Big Tobacco targets children

Tobacco companies have a big problem. Their products kill about 1,200 of its customers every day or about 440,000 people a year across the United States.With the exhaustion like that when they go to find a replacement for all those, the disappearance of smokers? Where do they go to work the legions of new users of tobacco? Parents beware: they go for our children.