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‘Rolling up “to serve: Pakistan tobacco goes for expansion through localization

For any multinational, the key to success is the inclusion of local people in order to achieve the best results. Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) – the largest manufacturer of cigarettes in the country – decided to promote tobacco in Pakistan and Punjab farmers take on board in an attempt to enhance its image as a promoter of localization.

Local Control of Tobacco Regulation

Last month, Governor Mary Fallin has announced her plans to support an initiative petition in 2014 to change the way tobacco is regulated in Oklahoma.

New offers New York could keep tobacco products out of sight in shops

A new proposal would require New York retailers to keep tobacco products out of sight under the first nation in the proposal to reduce the rate of youth smoking, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday.

UN concerned about tobacco exhibition in Philippines

The World Health Organization has expressed concern that the Philippines to promote smoking through one of the world’s biggest displays of tobacco trade.

ASA rules ads Japan Tobacco “misleading”

<p>Management of Advertising Standards (ASA) ruled that the ads run by Gallaher Tobacco Japan last year were “misleading”, in a fierce battle between the tobacco companies and anti-smoking campaigns simpler packaging.</p>

Tobacco Scam costs taxpayers millions

Nobody likes to pay taxes, but I-Team has found a man who allegedly made a fortune tax evasion man. What is more disturbing, that it does so by moving the products that cause cancer into the state?

Tobacco industry targeting poor

The first plain packaging was manufactured in Australia by Big Tobacco, new Zealand announced last month that it will be the following one, and at least India will realized plain packaging.

Tobacco firms save $ 1 billion to the litter box in a cigar

Tobacco companies have dozens of legal loophole that has helped them to avoid more than $ 1.1 billion in the U.S taxes.