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Bollywood ‘youth films

Half of Bollywood’s top grossing “youth rated” films released between 2006 and 2008 showed, the use of tobacco, according to a study that evaluated the impact of such scenes. Of the 45 movies of different ratings studied were 24 had180 such scenes. They include 19 of the 38 films, rating or U U /A, and five of the six rated A.

Hartington Teen and Tobacco myths

Addison Peitz went to New York, but she didn’t play tourist.
Instead, she protested.

Lawyers condemn tobacco exhibition

Local authorities to improve the health and medical experts Tuesday accused the tobacco museum in the Yangpu District of being a giant advertisement for the tobacco industry, and demanded that the government cancel his honor, as a place to take students to the patriotic education of youth.

British American Tobacco in Russia to pay extra taxes

International Tobacco Marketing services (MUMT trader from British American Tobacco in Russia) sought last April to reverse the decision taken by an Interregional Inspection of large taxpayers.

New tobacco restrictions fail in Mandan Parks

Two attempts to tighten tobacco outside the Mandan’s park system failed Monday In the end, the Mandan Park Board voted to support the preservation of the few places where tobacco is prohibited by park staff.

Cuba Calls Australian tobacco rules

Cuba is seeking to overturn Australia’s tough tobacco labeling rules of the World Trade Organization, the trade body said on Monday, the first time that Havana used the forum directly confront with other nations over its commercial laws.
Cuba, the world’s dominant producer of fine cigars, has filed a “request for consultations” with Australia, Keith Rockwell, a spokesman for the W.T.O, said from Geneva, where the organization is based.

Tobacco retailers Rage against “Houdini” Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been accused of many things over the years, but at a press conference today, a spokesman for the New York Association of Grocery stores have provided a new nickname: magician.