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Lawmakers Pitch New Casino Smoking Change

SPRINGFIELD – If Illinois lawmakers don’t roll-back the state’s smoking ban for casinos, they may just allow the riverboats to build tobacco in Casinospecial smoking sections.

Chewing Tobacco for Kids Spreads Oral Cancer in India

Safiq Shaikh was 13 when he began chewing a blend of tobacco and spices that jolted him awake when his job at a textile loom got too dreary. Five years later, doctors in Mumbai lopped off his tongue to halt the cancer that was spreading through his mouth.

Tobacco Control Board going mad

Tobacco Control BoardA person is allowed to bring into the country a maximum of 200 sticks of cigarette or 30 pieces of cigar or 150 g of other tobacco products a month.

Cigarette tax hike hurting stores

Wilson Farms is cutting jobs and scaling back store investment, blaming economic fallout from a sharp increase in cigarette taxes

Wilson Farms at Elmwood

Judy Penkack, manager of Wilson Farms at Elmwood and Sheridan, sorts through cigarettes. The convenience store chain is eliminating 20 administrative jobs and reducing store labor hours.

imposed over the summer.

Smoking curbs: The global picture

world smoking map 2010

A guide to smoking bans around the world as governments seek to improve the health of their populations.


The state of Western Australia introduced the strictest anti-smoking laws in the country in September 2010, with bans in cars carrying children, on sections of beaches and within 10m (32ft) of playground equipment.

Big Tobacco’s changing role

As he watched his 850-pound bales of flue-cured tobacco move through the grading and sales process at Philip Morris USA’s tobacco receiving station here, Donnie Clayton summed up the 2010 season.

Most restaurants, bars embrace smoke-free law in Virginia

As Virginia’s anti-smoking law for restaurants and bars approaches its one-year anniversary, not one fine has been issued locally. smoking in barAnd public complaints of alleged violations by businesses have slowed to a trickle.

Japan’s Deflation Moderates on Tobacco Tax Increase

Japan’s consumer prices fell for a 20th month in October, with declines moderating after the government raised tobacco taxes.Japan’s tobacco consumer

Attorneys: Big Tobacco conspired not to settle with flight attendants sickened by secondhand smoke

Attorneys for flight attendants who allege secondhand smoke aboard commercial aircraft made them sick want a Miami-Dade judge attorneys layto hit tobacco companies with $30 million in sanctions for crafting an agreement they say violates Florida’s good faith laws.