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Telecoms is no Tobacco industry; be lenient with us – Sakyi-Addo appeals to NCA

Chief Executive officer of the Telecoms Chamber Kwaku Sakyi-Addo is unhappy with threats by the Communications Minister to suspend the licenses of telecom companies which fail to pay fines imposed on them by the National Communications Authority.

Knight to challenge prison tobacco tax

Mass murderer Julian Knight has been given court approval to fight for cheaper cigarettes in prison.

Killer lights up tobacco challenge

Hoddle Street mass murderer Julian Knight spends at least $80 a week on smokes, but he hopes soon to spend less.

54 p c of state population consumes tobacco

The use of tobacco in Bihar has assumed an alarming proportion. According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS)-India, 54 per cent of the population in Bihar consume tobacco in one form or the other. The most common form being smokeless consumed by nearly 49 per cent of adults. India is the oral cancer capital of the world, 90 per cent of which are attributed to tobacco use. Smokeless tobacco use is the major cause of oral cancer in the country.

Tobacco control can save states big money

A San Francisco economist says states are being shortsighted by shifting tobacco control programs to cut spending because smoking cessation saves so much money.

Hoddle St killer to fight tobacco levy

Hoddle Street mass murderer Julian Knight spends at least $80 a week on smokes but he hopes soon to spend less.

COA questions Abra’s use of tobacco excise tax share

The Commission on Audit (COA) has found lapses in the disbursement by Abra province of its share from the tobacco excise tax, noting, among others, that tobacco farmers’ groups were not given priority in the use of the fund.

Tobacco Control Cell seeks explanation over tobacco ads

Islamabad: The Tobacco Control Cell has sent an explanation notice to a tobacco giant for getting published advertisements in national dailies and magazines in violation of anti-tobacco rules.

The letter bearing signature of Director General, Tobacco Control Cell, Dr Assad Hafeez directed the Philip Morris International Pakistan to submit a written reply in seven day of the receipt of this letter under the relevant law, says a press statement on Saturday.

Tobacco sellers fume over plain packaging

CIGARETTE retailers believe new plain packaging will increase the sale of illegal tobacco and won’t stop smokers from lighting up.