Monthly Archives: November 2012

Tobacco firm reprimanded for plain packaging breach

A big of tobacco producer has been forced to look after there cigarettes after ABC uncovered a first beach of the Federal Government packaging law. BAT agreed to remove letter abbreviations on six brands of its cigarettes.

Redford is furious at the conflict of interest allegations tobacco lawsuit

Premier Alison Redford angry, indignant opposition and accusations of conflict of interest, provided that the ingredients for emotional day at the Alberta legislative environment. Hostility reached its peak in the question period, when Wildrose and NDP leaders accuse Redford political patronage over the awarding of a lucrative contract with the law firm that employs her former husband.

Philip Morris International, Global Consumer & Retail Conference

Philip Morris International, Inc (NYSE / Euro next Paris: PM) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Louis Camille, considered by investors today at Morgan Stanley Global Consumer & Retail Conference in New York.

Lawyers insist on Tobacco Control

Is there a better time than the weekend after Thanksgiving to start making that list to get healthier? Obviously, counting calories and portion control should go to the list. And more exercise.

Child labor in the tobacco fields

International Labor Organization said that last year, it affected the output of some 1,600 children from hazardous child labor.

Tobacco does not kill them, but life has become hell now

Tobacco users may end up on a hospital bed, wasting his life savings on treatment of cancer and cause injuries worse to their families, writes Banjot Kaur Bhatia after meeting with some of them.

E-auction of tobacco boon for farmers

With the introduction of the first electronic auction system for tobacco in the world, the process is all set to become more transparent and efficient. The system introduced by the Central Council of tobacco Friday in Periyapattana, is expected to put an end to the threat of intermediaries and the exploitation of farmers at the auction yards.

Tobacco‘sin tax’ bill

About 3 thousand tobacco farmers, street vendors and cigarette factory workers protested in the front of Senate building in Pasay City to protest the propose “sin tax” which would rise cigarette tax and alcohol products.

Tobacco lawsuit gains followers

Every time there is an important development in the $30 billion against Canada’s major companies.