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Big Impact for Newport Non-Menthol?

NEW YORK — As Lorillard Tobacco Co. prepares to launch non-menthol-newport in early November, retailers seem ready Newport Non-Mentholfor the new offering. According to “rough-math” research from UBS Securities LLC, the new cigarette could take as much as a 0.5% share of the total cigarette category (close to 5% of total Newport volumes) over the next 12 months.

Removing cigarette butts: Chinese city’s controversial hygiene campaign

XI’AN, – How does a Chinese city get rid of unpleasant cigarette butts discarded in public places? Should it slap heavy fines, set up cigarettes buts bring moneyblaring loudspeakers, or train red-armband wearing staffs to remind careless smokers?

Defiant Greeks Prepare to Keep Smoking as Ban Compounds Economy

Athens restaurant owner Petros Migdos says it’s not just policies to tackle the ailing Greek economy that are hurting his business, it’s also one greece smoking adsaimed at improving the health of his countrymen.

Dissolvable Tobacco Dubbed ‘Candy’ by Oregon’s Sen. Merkley

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week opened a 60-day comment period on dissolvable tobacco products which Senator Jeff Merkley’s office has dubbed “tobacco candy.”

Legalization, Medical Marijuana, and Alcohol Taxes Go Before State Voters Nov. 2

A marijuana-legalization question on the California ballot has better than a puncher’s chance of passage on Nov. 2, and voters will Marijuanago to the polls in Arizona and South Dakota to decide whether to allow medical use of the drug. The alcohol industry, meanwhile, is trying to strangle new impact and mitigation fees in California and roll back an alcohol tax passed in Massachusetts just last year.

Obesity in America: Are Factory Farms, Big Pharma and Big Food to Blame?

One third of our economy thrives on making people sick and fat. Big Farming grows 500 more calories per person per day than 25 years ago because they get paid to grow extra food even when it is not needed. The extra corn (sugar) and soy (fat) are turned into industrial processed food and sugar-sweetened beverages — combinations of fat, sugar and salt that are proven to be addictive. These subsidized ($288 billion) cheap, low-quality foods are heavily marketed ($30 billion) and consumed by our ever-widening population with an obesity rate approaching three out of four Americans. The more they eat, the fatter they become. The fatter they become the more they develop heart disease, diabetes, cancer and a myriad of other chronic ailments.

Alberta government to launch suit against tobacco companies

EDMONTON – A pending provincial government lawsuit against the tobacco industry could turn out to be one of the biggest legal Alberta governmentactions in Alberta’s history, potentially worth up to $10 billion in recovered health care costs, a leading anti-smoking advocate says.

NY cigarette tax law stopped

UTICA, N.Y. – Judges in two separate federal courts in New York have issued rulings stopping the state from collecting taxes on cigarettes sold to non-Indians on sovereign tribal land.

Mad Men as an Echo of Reality

‘Mad Men’
THESE days, BBDO has two client rosters. One is composed of the clients the agency actually handles, and the other lists the clients that the agency handles in the make-believe world of “Mad Men.”