Monthly Archives: October 2012

“Tobacco output will drive the recovery effort”

The Tobacco Control Commission (TCC) has expressed optimism that the way forward next growing season’s output will help the economic recovery efforts as the volumes are expected to be adequate for to boost the country’s foreign earnings..

Altria Company

How Altria’s increase in dividends per share on wheels around August / September period, such as back-to-school season. Looking back on it we want our teachers taught us about the abundant economic model, like the tobacco industry, and not to demonize them to provide legal product that consumers wanted.

Campus considers going without tobacco

College when some smokers start the habit for life, but those who attend university, may soon have to take up the habit in another place.

Tobacco Monopoly

The leaders of the state monopoly of tobacco, which also acts as a growth regulator of cigarette advertising industry, like any other state-dominated areas, such as steel and telecommunications.

NGO urges the government to pass tobacco control bill

The Programme Director of an alternative vision of development, non-governmental organization has mentioned that the adoption of the Tobacco Control Bill is the effective means of preventing the marketing and usage of the product.

European Tobacco-payment Probe expand

Former European Health Commissioner John Dalli met with his political associates Silvio Zammit just before Mr. Zammit first requested € 60 million ($ 78.3 million) payment from the tobacco industry lobbyists, said people familiar with the biggest corruption probe reached the top European Union’s top ranks in years.

Problems in the study of tobacco companies claim plain packaging

Two scientific studies led by Univ. Otago researchers have disputed claims by tobacco companies on plain packaging.

Big Tobacco has many support systems

Call it addition by subtraction. The fight against smoking would be closer to victory, if our provincial government ended their dependence on tobacco taxes and lawsuits against Big Tobacco.

Tobacco fight goes to Marshall

Student government representatives at Marshall University are hoping to make the campus tobacco free by the plan, which will be based on independence.