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It’s not your usual tobacco plant

WILLIAMSBURG — The Marlboro label is familiar, but what’s coming off the production line at a factory near Busch Gardens is not your typical tobacco product.

Japan Tobacco Says Demand Is Recovering in Russia, Ukraine and Neighbors

Japan Tobacco Inc., the world’s third-largest publicly traded cigarette maker, said demand is recovering in Russia, Ukraine and neighboring countries, as the region emerges from the global recession.

Japanese Smokers Buoying GDP by Hoarding Before New Tax

Yusuke Sato says a man walked into his tobacco store in Atsugi, southwest of Tokyo, this month and bought 100 cartons of Mild Seven cigarettes. While they may not be good for his health, he may have saved $1,300.

European Commission and Imperial Tobacco sign agreement to combat illicit trade in tobacco

Today the European Commission announced a multi-year agreement with Imperial Tobacco Limited (ITL) to work together in tackling the illicit trade in tobacco products. Under the legally binding agreement, ITL will work with the European Commission, its anti-fraud office OLAF, and Member States’ law enforcement authorities to help in the fight against contraband and counterfeit cigarettes. The Agreement includes substantial payments by ITL to the Commission and Member States, totalling USD 300 million (EUR 207 million1) over the next 20 years. It should make a significant contribution to the EU’s efforts to fight the illicit tobacco trade, which robs the EU and Member States of billions of euros every year.

Athletes attacked for smoking habits

When footballer Wayne Rooney was spotted having a cigarette on several occasions during his break between the World Cup and

England and Manchester United's Wayne Rooney

England and Manchester United's Wayne Rooney is one of the sport's most high-profile young stars

the start of the Premier League season, there was outrage.

Greeks fume over smoking ban

For the fourth time in a decade, Greece’s government has imposed a sweeping smoking baninfosmoking ban, determined to wean its nicotine-needy nation from cigarettes. Almost instantly after it came into effect on Sept. 1, ashtrays vanished from closed offices, cafés and restaurants. No-smoking signs donned on walls. And scores of green-capped municipal officers fanned out to inspect public premises while countless smokers dutifully took their burning butts outside – the only place where smoking is permitted.

NYC tapes illegal cig sales on reservation

NEW YORK – New York City investigators secretly videotaped cigarette dealers on a Long Island Indian reservation illegally selling untaxed smokes for re-sale at city bodegas, officials said Thursday.

Pop Culture References May Lead Youth to Smoke

A study by the city of Berkeley released last week found that about half of popular song lyrics and music videos contain smoking references, possibly reflecting an increase in the popularity of smoking in a younger generation.

New Law Will Expand New York City’s Smoke Free Air Act

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, New York City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn and Councilmember Gale Brewer today announced plans to expand the Smoke Free Air Act in New York City to include parks and beaches. Smoking is already prohibited in indoor workplaces and park playgrounds, and increasingly, research shows that exposure to secondhand smoke outdoors can have negative health effects on otherwise healthy people. To protect the public from the health effects of tobacco smoke, the new law will go a step further and not allow smoking in parks, beaches, marinas, boardwalks and pedestrian plazas. Councilmember Gale Brewer will introduce the new local law tomorrow at the City Council’s stated meeting. The Mayor, Speaker and Councilmember Brewer were joined at the City Hall announcement by Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs; CEO of The American Cancer Society’s Eastern Division, Don Distasio; Health Commissioner Thomas Farley and Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe.