New tobacco restrictions fail in Mandan Parks

Two attempts to tighten tobacco outside the Mandan’s park system failed Monday In the end, the Mandan Park Board voted to support the preservation of the few places where tobacco is prohibited by park staff.

Smoking_Costs-vi-300x220The Go! Bismarck Mandan coalition in April suggested that tobacco use be prohibited in all children’s playgrounds in the area.
Based on survey results and comments, Parks and Recreation Director Cole Higlin proposed prohibiting tobacco use anywhere, but in parking lots and the golf courses on Mandan park property.

“I do not like it when people smoke near parks, because I like to play and want everyone to be safe,” said 10-year-old Zara Laber, a park user.
Her mother, Shauna Laber, said allowing smoking where children gather “is not a positive role modeling for anyone under (age) 18 … and fire safety (issue).” She said that smokeless tobacco unhygienic near children.
Jack Jones Mandan Softball Association said the police themselves have grown in ball games.

“If golf is out this, I would be grateful if the complex was softball, as well,” he said. “It’s against the (American Softball Association) rules to smoke during the game …. It happens that between players and between innings game that will come out of the dugout, walk down the road and have a cigarette. At age 25, I have never seen someone smoke in the stands. ”
Vice-President of the Board of Park Tracy Porter made a motion to ban smoking in parks and shelters, a soccer field at Dacotah Centennial Park and his dog. The motion died for lack of a second.

Park board member Kevin Allen made a motion that prohibits tobacco use on all properties of the park district, with the exception of the golf course and parking lots.
“Common sense prevails. If it is not broke, do not fix it,” said Park Board President Jason Arenz. Allan Movement failed in a 4-1 vote. Allan was the only member of the Park Board to vote yes.
Arenz briefly resigned as president so that he could make a proposal to approve the policy of parks, which currently prohibits tobacco in youth baseball, Dacotah Centennial Park and its seating, Memorial Baseball Stadium, and rivers. All five members of the park’s board of directors approved it.

Park board member Wanda Knoll said she would like to return to the policy in respect of tobacco for four months and see if there is a problem. Higlin said that there were no complaints about the current politics of tobacco.

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