Over 2.5 Trillion Cigarettes Are Smoked in China Annually

china smoking
China have benefits with population however, this population can keep the crisis about personal health just like health crisis in China. Based on present situation almost all of the population are lighting up and they keep faithful to their country regarding the selling numbers worldwide. China passed world’s largest cigarette manufacturers companies such as Phillip Morris. According to estimates, China has 365 million smokers lighting up about 2.5 trillion cigarettes per year.

China National Tobacco Corporation has a monopoly in the China market allowing it to manufacture more than one-third of the world’s cigarettes as well as much more than 40 % of almost all tobacco sold globally. To put the enormous size of China National Tobacco in even more standpoint, this corporation produces more tobacco products than the next five major cigarette makers in the world put together. Despite the fact that Marlboro is the bestselling cigarette in the world, resulting from China National Tobacco’s monopoly in the country with the most smokers, it markets seven of the key 10 cigarette brands.
Red Pagoda Mountain and Double Happiness are the company’s best sellers. It markets 43 of every 100 cigarettes lighted up throughout the world, as outlined by Euromonitor International. However, few outside China, smokers or not, have heard of any of these smoking products. Having no competing firms inside China, on the other hand, means international brand reputation, or lack thereof, doesn’t make a difference all that much.

Statistics associated with China National Tobacco are shocking. It produces over 160 distinct brands. It owns 100 factories all over the country and handles 98 % of the national market. It accounts for 7 % of yearly state profit. Not just that, however it pays an additional $16 billion in industry tax fees.

It engages 500,000 people with almost 20 million people receiving some revenue from tobacco manufacturing and sales, like 1.3 million family farming households and five million retail employees. Elementary school entrances at establishments financed by China National Tobacco bear slogan signs like, “Genius comes from hard work. Tobacco helps you become talented.”

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