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Tobacco companies started ‘stealth-marketing’

With their backs to the wall on the background of increasingly stringent regulations, and the looming threat to remove all branding from cigarette packs, tobacco companies need all the allies they can find.

NZ to introduce plain packaging of tobacco products

The Gov is expecting legal challenges over plain cigarette pack and has warned they could cost more then $6 million. Associate Health Minister Tariana Turia announced the Gov would push ahead with plans to introduce standard and unbranded packs with large health warnings for tobacco products.

Tobacco firm reprimanded for plain packaging breach

A big of tobacco producer has been forced to look after there cigarettes after ABC uncovered a first beach of the Federal Government packaging law. BAT agreed to remove letter abbreviations on six brands of its cigarettes.

Problems in the study of tobacco companies claim plain packaging

Two scientific studies led by Univ. Otago researchers have disputed claims by tobacco companies on plain packaging.

Plain packaging of tobacco products in India

The world is watching Australia progress towards tobacco plain packaging. A number of developed countries have announced that they will follow suit. But, as tobacco companies are losing traction in developed countries, it is likely they will be more and more new markets with their poison.