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LT group of banks on tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, to stimulate growth

Conglomerate LT Group Inc. is betting on market leadership in its core business of tobacco and alcoholic beverages for further growth, its top executive said yesterday.

New offers New York could keep tobacco products out of sight in shops

A new proposal would require New York retailers to keep tobacco products out of sight under the first nation in the proposal to reduce the rate of youth smoking, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday.

NZ to introduce plain packaging of tobacco products

The Gov is expecting legal challenges over plain cigarette pack and has warned they could cost more then $6 million. Associate Health Minister Tariana Turia announced the Gov would push ahead with plans to introduce standard and unbranded packs with large health warnings for tobacco products.

Manufacture of tobacco products in the UK

Tobacco manufacturing decreased revenue in each of the last five years. There has been a long-term decline in smoking over the past few decades, mainly due to health problems.

Tightening position on tobacco products

Health groups unite to call for duty-free tobacco allowance to be scrapped and a huge increase in cigarette prices over the next four years.

Poor show on the auction, the high stock price hit on tobacco products

Unsold stocks with traders became a curse for the tobacco growers in Andhra Pradesh this season. Traders do not actively participate in the auctions, and even if they do, prices are low, compared to those offered last season.

Federal judge blocks anti-smoking images required on tobacco products

Federal mandate requires tobacco companies to place graphic images on their products warning about the dangers of smoking have been released into the environment a judge in Washington, with the judge saying the requirements are in violation of freedom of speech.

Modi hints at higher taxes on tobacco products

Deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi said here on Wednesday that taxes would be hiked on tobacco products and pan masala in a bid to discourage their use as they cause cancer. Stressing the need for an intensive campaign against the use of tobacco and tobacco products, he said an inter-departmental committee would be set up for reducing their use.

Stricter indicators on tobacco products

The Union Health Department’s notification which stipulates clear display of warning signs on tobacco products came into force on Saturday. The notification, issued on May 27, calls for separate warnings for smoking and non-smoking tobacco products.