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Tobacco Scam costs taxpayers millions

Nobody likes to pay taxes, but I-Team has found a man who allegedly made a fortune tax evasion man. What is more disturbing, that it does so by moving the products that cause cancer into the state?

Tobacco‘sin tax’ bill

About 3 thousand tobacco farmers, street vendors and cigarette factory workers protested in the front of Senate building in Pasay City to protest the propose “sin tax” which would rise cigarette tax and alcohol products.

Missouri tobacco tax to remain nation’s lowest

Missouri voters have rejected a measure that would have dramatically increased the state’s lowest-in-the-nation tobacco tax.

Voters to decide on tobacco tax

Missouri ranks last in the USA when it comes to how much tax will be charged on tobacco products. Next week, Missouri voters will have the opportunity to change that.

Government misses tobacco tax targets

The government’s tax collection from tobacco products did not meet the objectives assigned to the sector over the past two years, strengthening the case of Aquino administration for a tax increase sin.

Taxes on tobacco products

Missouri voters will see suggestion tax on tobacco products and give the police department in St. Louis to the local authorities in November, but they will not vote for a payday loan or regulation of minimum wage increases, the Secretary of State Robin Carnahan announced Tuesday.

California’s tobacco tax

A few weeks after conceding defeat in the June 5 major supporters of the initiative of raising taxes on tobacco to fund cancer research have asked for a recount of votes in some areas of Los Angeles.

Caution of tobacco tax in California

Over the past few years, in favor of higher taxes on the sin of trying to appease the Idaho Legislature increased the tax on cigarettes, arguing that such growth is wildly popular among the electorate. This is a trick that the American Cancer Society tried to legislative last winter.

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax

In the 2011 annual report of the U.S. Department of Treasury Alcohol and Tobacco Taxes and Trade Bureau (TTB) published earlier this year, emphasizes the many benefits achieved by the new resolution on the website of the Bureau of the system, based on the technology of e-government solutions leader Accela, Inc a full report, available on www.ttb.gov/foia/ttbar2011.pdf, details of how the new system allowed TTB to cost-effectively fulfill their mandates – in spite of the reduction of staff and high rates of alcohol beverage producer and wholesaler permit application.