tocacco plant Native American Tobaccoo flower, leaves, and buds

tocacco Tobacco is an annual or bi-annual growing 1-3 meters tall with large sticky leaves that contain nicotine. Native to the Americas, tobacco has a long history of use as a shamanic inebriant and stimulant. It is extremely popular and well-known for its addictive potential.

tocacco nicotina Nicotiana tabacum

tocacco Nicotiana rustica leaves. Nicotiana rustica leaves have a nicotine content as high as 9%, whereas Nicotiana tabacum (common tobacco) leaves contain about 1 to 3%

tocacco cigar A cigar is a tightly rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco which is ignited so that its smoke may be drawn into the mouth. Cigar tobacco is grown in significant quantities in Brazil, Cameroon, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Sumatra, Philippines, and the Eastern United States.

tocacco Tobacco is an agricultural product processed from the fresh leaves of plants in the genus Nicotiana. It can be consumed, used as an organic pesticide, and in the form of nicotine tartrate it is used in some medicines. In consumption it may be in the form of cigarettes smoking, snuffing, chewing, dipping tobacco, or snus.

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Raising cigarette tax difficult in Missouri

JEFFERSON CITY, – Missouri lawmakers this year made deep cuts to the state budget that takes effect next month. They had to slash money for many social services and for various education programs, including Parents as Teachers and Career Ladder. Governor Jay Nixon has indicated he may slice up to $350 million more when he […]

Albany Lawmakers Pass Big Cuts in Health Care

ALBANY — State lawmakers approved $775 million in cuts and other savings from New York’s health care budget on Monday after Gov. David A. Paterson inserted the reductions into emergency spending legislation submitted to the Legislature to keep the state government from shutting down. The cuts will affect hospitals, nursing homes and a lengthy list […]

States Illogically Looking to Cigarette Taxes as Deficit Panacea

Across the country, states big and small are facing significant budget gaps. In California, the worst case by far, candidates for state office are debating how to close a $19 billion budget deficit. In Florida, meanwhile, another multi-billion dollar budget hole is on the cards, and looks set to grow with oil drilling off the […]

E-cigarettes worry anti-tobacco groups

BENNINGTON — E-mail, e-Bay, Esurance, E-Trade, and now e-cigarettes. The typical electronic cigarette looks no different than a traditional smoke at a distance, only it weighs about as much as a heavy pen. The devices have been available for years, but haven’t been noticed much until the beginning of this year, said Rebecca Ryan, director […]

Substance Abuse In The Life Of American Adolescents

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) today announced that all the states and the District of Columbia have continued to meet their goals of curtailing sales of tobacco to underage youth (those under 18). However, in federal fiscal year 2009, for the first time ever, the data show a slight increase in the […]

How restaurants are luring back smokers?

In most restaurants today, the food and wine have never represented better value, nor been more skilfully prepared, nor been served so enthusiastically. If this statement sounds sweeping, it is based on hard facts. The recession has stopped restaurateurs raising their prices. The internet has fuelled creativity among chefs and raised customer awareness to a […]

Smoking warnings could depend on NYC lawsuit

Massachusetts health officials developing a campaign that would force retailers to prominently display graphic warnings about the dangers of smoking said they will closely monitor a lawsuit filed by tobacco companies to remove similar posters from New York City stores. A spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Jennifer Manley, said the agency intends […]

Higher cigarette prices cannot help smokers quit

Statistics show that even the rise of cigarette prices can not make smokers to quit. Many smokers think that higher cigarette prices would make them healthier. There is plenty of evidence that smoking is very bad for people, and almost as much evidence that people smoke fewer cigarettes if they are expensive. But “healthy smokers” […]

Why do Teens Find it Harder to Quit Smoking?

Smoking is really a bad habit, and it is now so common that even kids of age 12 have started smoking. Smoking is getting in our culture so much that it cannot be stopped. If you are an adult, a responsible adult and you want to stop smoking then you will be do it more […]

Kagan tested by 1990s battles over tobacco legislation

She was a White House aide who, at the age of 37, had become President Bill Clinton‘s point person on a big tobacco bill, impressing veteran Senate Republicans with her hard work and intelligence. But then a magazine article portrayed Elena Kagan as the driving force behind the legislation, a central player who had bent […]

Tobacco farmers cry for attention

SAN FERNANDO CITY, Philippines—Much has been written about presumptive president-elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s smoking habit and the efforts of the Department of Health to squash that cigarette. But now, those who made those cigarettes want a say in the situation. Tobacco farmers from the Ilocos attending a tripartite congress here on Monday issued a […]

China Tobacco Control

China has 350 million smokers and 540 million who experience second hand smoke from tobacco use. With China as a member country of WHO FCTC (World Health Organization Framework Conven-tion on Tobacco Control) since 2006, Chinese public health authorities are “pressed” to carry more practical policies on tobacco control. Thus China has promised to push […]

Program targets pregnant smokers

When a pregnant patient reveals she smokes, Dr. Roxane Rampersad tells her the long list of risks: — Decreasing her baby’s oxygen supply. — Increasing her chances of having a premature or low birth weight baby. — Increasing the chances of her placenta sheering off her uterus. — Her baby could be stillborn. But too […]

New Law Prevents Tobacco From Sports Advertising

NASCAR and tobacco used to go hand and hand, as NASCAR grew-up in the Carolinas where every-year thousands of tobacco plants grow from the semi-tropical soil that is needed for its growth. For decades NASCAR was thrust into the main stream public with the help of two things, Bill France Jr. and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco […]

Graphic Warnings Should Decrease the Smoking-Related Diseases

The health department became firm in its decision to decrease the smoking-related diseases by attempting for an administrative regulation forcing cigarette makers to put graphic warnings on all cigarettes packs. The Department of Health (DOH) declared that the new legislation would be issuing Administrative Order (AO) No. 2010-0013, a regulation requiring Tobacco Industries to show […]

Which countries smoke the most?

The percentage of female smokers is increasing, and the number of annual tobacco-related deaths is expected to rise at an alarming rate unless action is taken, the World Health Organization announced on World No Tobacco Day. So you may not take comfort that there are 5 million annual tobacco-related deaths worldwide, according to the World […]

Stricter smoking ban expected soon as anti-tobacco fervor sweeps Middle East

The United Arab Emirates may breathe easier under a strict ban on smoking, the details of which are still being hammered out five months after the actual bill was signed by President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Abu Dhabi-based newspaper The National reported this week. The new bylaws would ban smoking in all public […]

Rules vague on using medical marijuana in public

Years ago, as Tom Daubert envisioned a medical marijuana initiative for Montana, one thing never crossed his mind. “I guess as I thought about the language from laws in other states, I always saw medical use of marijuana as something that would happen in private,” said Daubert, one of the leaders of the movement that […]

Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming

No matter how overwhelmingly the scientific community may back a research study, naysayers can always find a scientist to support the opposing view on issues ranging from tobacco smoke to global warming. According to science historians Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway, the same contrarian scientists keep popping up no matter the topic: Fred Seitz, Fred […]

Minnesota smoking ban still divisive after five years

MINNEAPOLIS – There are just a few weeks left before Milwaukee bars go smoke-free, but residents of the Twin Cities haven’t been able to take a drag inside a bar for the last five years. Individual smoking bans went into effect in Minneapolis and suburban Bloomington in 2005 while Minnesota followed with a statewide ban […]

Duty-free cigarette ban is on the cards

Cigarettes will disappear from Britain’s duty free shops after a period of being sold from “behind closed doors” as the Government tightens anti-smoking laws. Mark Riches, chief executive of World Duty Free, Britain’s biggest airport shopping chain, expects to set up closed-off areas for cigarette sales from 2013, in which the brands won’t be on […]

UCSF analyses detail tobacco industry influence on health policy

Three new UCSF studies describe the wide reach of the tobacco industry and its influence on young people, military veterans and national health care reform. The analyses will be published in a special July edition of the American Journal of Public Health titled “Modeling to Advance Tobacco Control Policy.” Findings are available online at […]

Scientists consider Cigarette Use will be eliminated completely by 2050

Prominent public health scientists admit that landmark Tobacco Control Act approved last year by the U.S. Congress has not only given the U.S. Food and Drug Administration the authority to regulate tobacco products, but is also a major step to eliminating cigarette smoking across the country within 30-40 years. Such findings were established by the […]

World No Smoking Day

To smoke is to breathe in smoke through cigarettes, cigars, pipes and to let it out again. Those who inhale smoke are called smokers and those who smoke tobacco regularly are called heavy smokers or chain smokers. Smoking is not a must like food and drink. However, many people are addicted to smoking to such […]

The Same Scientists Who Lied About Tobacco Also Lied About Global Warming

If you are a candidate for a stroke or heart attack — or just have fond hopes that your child or grandchild will grow up in a world without a sell-by date — you really should step back from this screen. I have read many books that infuriated me, and I was glad for the […]

The impact of tobacco in the European Union

Ahead of the 2010 No Tobacco Day (31 May), the European Commission unveils the results of a Eurobarometer survey which shows that a strong majority of EU citizens support stronger tobacco control measures. For example, three in every four Europeans supports picture health warnings on tobacco packs and smoke free restaurants. The survey also shows, […]

Remarks to the Tobacco Merchants Association

Let me first thank you for inviting me to take part in your program today. I am pleased to join you to discuss the implementation of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. It is perhaps fitting that you hear about this historic legislation in a setting like historic Williamsburg. Let me start by […]

New Ordinance Target Cigarettes Marketing

Many years ago Joe Camel was drove away from the public eyesight because he was seen as a way to captivate the attention of people especially of minors. Because of Joe Camel most of them started smoking habit. So, this is the main reason why state government decided to enlarge its anti-smoking legislations, because children […]

Differences by Sex in Tobacco Use – Bangladesh, Thailand, and Uruguay

The majority of the world’s 1.3 billion tobacco users are men, but female use is increasing. To examine differences in tobacco use and awareness of tobacco marketing by sex, CDC and health officials in Bangladesh, Thailand, and Uruguay (among the first countries to report results) analyzed 2009 data from a newly instituted survey, the Global […]

Tobacco Talk: FDA web dialogue on tobacco

WASHINGTON – Retailers were given the opportunity to “share ideas, offer recommendations [and] ask questions” about how the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) can better communicate with them, during a web dialogue on Wednesday. By midday, there were 357 retailers, tobacco-control executives and others participating in the dialogue, but the […]

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